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I covered the gentle introduction to blogging and social media here, now it is time to get down to the gritty stuff.I have covered a lot of important information already. Have a browser through the labels on the left of the web page. Or just click here, here, here and here.

I am not going to patronise you and space this out over a few weeks. Cause I could. The general rule for blogging is keep your posts to 500 words. But rules are made to be broken. So you have the content planned, the social networking sorted and your brand planned…now lets get technical…

Google Plus
Yes, it is a new platform – but you are all about staying ahead of the trend so get on board. If you need an invite then contact me, I will hook you up. It is easy to set up. Have a gander at mine.

When you do set an account up then go to setting, promotion and grab a button to add to your blog.


Wanna know a secret, blogging is nearly over! It is all about vblogging now. Video-blogging, that is.

1.     So set up a YouTube channel and get recording.

2.     So far, I have just uploaded a photostory I made, and I put in the blog post URL in the description.

3.     Even if you don’t plan on vblogging: set up your YouTube channel anyway as it is yet another link to you.

4.     Set it up here  (help here )

5.     Make sure that you fill out your profile and include your blog URL.

6.     You can link all of your other SM (social media) account to your YouTube account here

7.     Here is my channel as an example
Promo yourself

Right, congratulate yourself, the above took me a long time to find out about and then put into practice. At least, we have saved you some time. Now, you need to build up your network, communicate with like-minded people and different people. Use your platforms to comment on current events, TV shows, share your favourite quotes, upload pictures (nothing too personal), if someone has a question and you can help then contact them. This may sound strange, but if I can do it – well, anyone can! Oh and set up your about me page here (giving all of your SM accounts)  you have now created a nice hub for yourself, well done! I will be going into more detail later, but you need to know the basics now; submit your blog URL to dig and then submit it to the below:

Muasure your blog statics
It is not about numbers it is about measurement. Some people think it is great to have huge blog hits. But you need to check the bounce rate, popular posts, referring URLS…..You will learn what is hot and what to drop when it comes to your content.

You have to centre your content to your audience not you! Cause, truth is…we don’t care about you. Make your blog cater for Me Media.

You are a brand, your blog and your SMs are central to your brand. Build your brand, carefully. Some people have a case of the TMI’s and others shove their blogs in your face. So measure your numbers, stats, analyse and learn.

Blog stats

 You can use the stats on the dashboard in Blogger; it will show you your referring URLs, searches audience country, Operating systems and posts so for a newbie then these are great. But you need more.

1.     Create you Google  Analytics account

2.     You will need to get your site verified and to do that you must go to your Gmail, then account, then webmaster tools.

3.     In the home page, submit a site, then select it and click on manage in there select “add or remove owners”

4.     In here you must verify your account, so select “Add a meta tag to your site’s home page” you just copy the HTML code then go to your dashboard on your blog.

5.     Go to Design, edit HTML, do a search for and you just paste the code in there and save. Once you go back to your webmaster Google account you can click on verify.
Your RSS Feed stats

People will follow your blog; you can add the follow by email gadget and add the follow by RSS feed. You can find out who many people are subscribing to your site, if they click through (from the email) and even if they unsubscribe.

1.     Log into your Google account and set it up.

2.     Get your RSS feed and paste it to the “Burn a feed right this instant.” Sections.

3.     To get your RSS feed: RSS fee here (blogger, settings, site feed, and in the “Post Feed Redirect URL” sections copy the URL. For example my RSS feed.

4.     Fill is as you see fit and click next, you have the option to redirect your blog (blogger or wordpress) so ensure you do. This will then track them and you will have a report you can work with!

5.     Click on the “Publicize”  tab and past in your

6.     unsubscribed and when.

7.     If you click on the “optimize” tab you can write a personal message to your subscribers.
Hot to get High Page Ranks

If you don’t know what this means, then don’t worry. That is what we are here for. Page ranks measure how links point to you and the quality of your site. When web users Google data – relating to your blog topic – your blog will be top of the list (the higher your page rank). So your site will get the hits. No important piece of information; never copy content.

Not even your own content. When you are lucky to write on other people sites or  blogs, then just write a super short summary in your blog and give the url of where your wrote. If the Google bots see identical content then it will damage your page rank and could take a very long time to recover.

How to improve your page rank

I hope by now you have read a lot of other blogs, well now you need to go to your favourite blog and start commenting. When you sign your name, make sure that you always pick the open ID, write in your blog URL.

1.     Publicise your site, ensuring you get hits. You are already doing this on your SM account’s

2.     Write great content, the Google bots love good content. So do your readers.

3.     Those bots just love dynamic pages, with new content. So post more, why not, you are a writer. Don’t give me that excuse; “I don’t have time to write,” use your imagination and write. Hootsuite will do the rest of it for you.

4.     Submit your site to directories (more on that later.)

5.     Subtly use the odd keyword, but be careful! Keep it subtle. More on keywords later.

6.     Never, ever, ever type in your URL when you want to go to your page. Always Google yourself. If you are on Google plus, then ensure you G + yourself.


You have spent a long time creating your blog so protect it; beside, you are a writer so your content will probably be better than the average bear! At the bottom of your page you could write something like: “This is the intellectual property of blog owner © Michelle Moloney King.” You can get a licence, where Attribution is given and your content cannot be used for commercial purposes. Ideally you will have a unique voice or have keywords you have incorporated into your brand so if your content is copied and used (without acknowledgement) then people could potentially spot your work.

Submission to link directories

You might be asked to add HTML code to your blog, you just: Copy the code, open blogger, go to dashboard, design, add a gadget, select html/Java script, paste and save!


You can get rid of the blogger header, personally I don’t like it. It looks unprofessional. If you are a school then it is the safest way to go as it will prevent pupils clicking ‘next blog’. Just paste in the below HTML code, go to your dashboard, design, edit HTML, and paste


#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

Google alert

If you want to know when you have been mentioned then it is important to set one up. Google will send you an email when someone mentions you in a web page. You need to set up the parameters yourself. To create it just click here.

Email overload

Your email account may be struggling with all of your recent activity, so simplify it by setting up filters. You will instruct your email account to: move emails to spam, the bin, to a designated folder. If you use Gmail/hotmail or yahoo then click here

You might also like

You will see that at the end of all of my posts: there is a suggestion of “you might also like.” This encourages people to stay on your blog and to read more of your work, so they will like you more, your personal brand will become more familiar to them so the next time they see your book…they will buy it (we hope!) To set this up simply click here

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