Hello bloggers and readers,

Out of interest what did you guys do for World Book Day? I have pieced together some writing tips here. Oh and two weeks ago a pysic told me some interting information.

The beautiful people over at Cildren’s Books Ireland, have a lovely piece about Children’s Laureates and a review of Janruary. (my bad, meant to put it in here ages ago!)

Hope you enjoy some MacGyver tips and tricks

Ahh MacGyver, let me count the ways in which I love you. If there is a way that I can do something myself I will try it. It’s not so much DIY more LMT, let Me Try. So I compiled a few little tips of MacGyver things I do.

  • If, like me, you would love to do a masters but (A) they are all up in Dublin and or (B) are full time, then why not go to the iUniversities app? You can download some ace lectures (free) in your field of interest!

  • Don’t cha just love Good Will Hunting? From what I can remember the young sir didn’t go to college; he got reading lists of the course he wanted to and applied some criticial analysis of and got the same education. Well that’s what I am doing! (At least for now, before the masters I want to do runs in Limerick!!) Have a look at my GoodReads and you will see the fun study I intend on doing.
  • Gather all the ends of crayons but them into a cupcake case and bake at 200 degrees Celsius, for 10 minutes. You are left with a multicoloured crayon.
  • Have bits of lipstick left over? Use a small empty container or buy one in a pound shop, smash up the lipsticks add a dash of Vaseline, pierce a vitamin E tablet and hey presto you have personalised cool new lip-gloss.

  • Like shiny hair? Simply put conditioner in your hair the night before you wash it, do this at least once a week. Want extra TLC? Put some mayonnaise in it an hour before you wash it, you can put in condition also (mayo can smell) and heat it with a hair dryer, wrap in a towel and leave it for an hour. Simpels.

  • Do you have a glass table? Are you bored of it? Well I just scanned some pictures and using my ipad app I made a few cool collages and printed them and put them under the glass table! It now looks aces. (You don’t need any technology to do this, just get pictures and place them under it…whatever you want. You could even make your own picture/magazine/newspaper/comic collage.)

  • Want to look great forever? Don’t bother waiting loads of money on expensive creams, simply mix sun screen into your day cream, pierce a vitamin E table and put that into both your night and day cream. Put a small bit of false tan into your day cream so you will always have a nice glow.

This is where it gets like real fun starts:

  • If you are reading this blog then you obviously have internet access, so why don’t you try doing some car maintenance. Top up the water, oil, coolant levels in your car. Change the air filter and wipers. Just type your car make and what you want to do into YouTube and go for it! Also, check out Driverside.

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  1. Michelle says:

    The apps are great Valerie, there was one or two good creative writing ones and when you use the mayo….make sure it's not garlic mayo!

    You see Louise, I want to do a masters and maybe a phd at some stage but I'm not willing to travel to Dublin every day….so, for now, I'm left with the option of doing the reading! Looking forward to reading your book too, can't wait till it's out!

    Beir bua


  2. Louise says:

    I wish I had half ur energy! X


  3. valeriesirr says:

    iUniversities app, mayo & vit E capsules. Think I'll try all of them 🙂


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