Library Music

This is flash fiction. That means it is not true. But it could happen. Oh and Happy World Book Day 2012!

Finding a sweet spot in a library is a thing that money can’t buy. Finding a library that you can sneak coffee into is precious. And then to add to this deliciousness of finding a library that lalso ooks out over a night club that you use to frequent as a 20 something is hilarious.

Not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty smug. So you can imagine my horror when I came to the realisation that the library was perfect but the people in it were not.
 How am I meant to get anything done when:

·        A red faced, white tracksuit wearing, college girl sits beside me playing music. Her headphones  leaking her white noise and her scowl glowering.

·        She removes her jacket to share the smell of a long, healthy, fast paced walk. Mhhhh salty sweet.

·        I am interrupted to ask, ‘how did you sneak that coffee in?’ As if I was going to share that gem.

·        I turn up my music and move about, trying to drown out these people.

·        One young gentleman looks at my laptop. I smile, is nice…I think. Then he stares at my headphones. I suppress my smile. They were a present, jealous much? I throw him a look trying to tell him; when I was your age I was out there man. In that night club waisting my money. Now, Now I got nice things. You will get there. But he obviously is not well versed in mind reading because he moves away.
·        The sweaty girl sprays some body spray. At least someone can read minds. But she stares at me when she is finished her task. Hey eyes rest on my hands which are on the laptop. Yeah, I think, they are painted dark blue….what? You gotta be like 10 to have blue nails? Kid I’m way younger than Kate Moss…now stare somewhere else.

·        My phone buzzes, it is a friend asking to meet for coffee. I take off my headphone and pack up my pens and books and lesson plans. I silently nod my head to my music.

Wait…my music?
The price of deodorant?   2.50

The price of IT equipment? A lot

The price of accidentally pulling out your headphone so that your music fills the library…..priceless and morto!

Barbra has a lovely piece written about World Book Day over on her great blog.
Have you have ever witnessed any strange or funny things in a library? If yes, leave a comment. Or leave a comment anyway. Ya  know, just for kicks!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. D.S.Taylor says:

    “finding a library that lalso ooks out over a night club that you use to frequent as a 20 something is hilarious.”

    I think I know what library you were in Moloney!


  2. Louise says:

    Ha ha – well there are plenty of stories within that story!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Well Mrs. Not yet, have nothing to say…but I am reading through your “how to blog” information. That's good!


  4. Well I did say it was something that could happen!

    Did you set up your blog yet?


  5. Anonymous says:

    LOL sounds like something I'd do!



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