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Why do you guys read blogs? Me? Well I like to learn or be entertained. This post falls into the former. We will learn about some new social media platforms and some deadly agent writerly tips.

Susan Orlean, New Yorker journalist and author of The Orchid Thief, looks at each social media platform as a different kind of party. “Twitter is a noisy cocktail party, with lots of chatting and quick interactions, a kind of casual free-for-all,” she says. “Facebook is a combination high school and college reunion and therapy group. Google+ I haven’t figured out yet.” I agree, but I like to learn, keep at the cusp of new IT advances. All I know is what I don’t know…and it wakes me early, just so I can learn and learn….and then blog. I know…I know…I’m awesome! (Heaven forbid if anyone reads too much into this…please take a dollop of salt when you read my posts….it ain’t all serious!)

This is my Jam (yet another) new social media platform. You share your fave music on it and can link it to twitter or FB. It’s cool, suppose it adds to the 3-D branding of a tweep. And yeah, it is (yet another) link to you on the interweeeb. Have a gander at my account; This is my Jam 

Pin off? Pin in? Pin it. Yes, that’s it…Pin it. This is  (yet another)  new social media platform. You need to be invited to set up an account, which always creates a buzz. So far, I like it.  It basically allows youto pin or save the URL of sites/articles/pictures/music you like online to your own Pin It account on their web site. You can access your account anywhere on-line.  So it’s kinda like having Bookmarks or Favourites on the cloud. Check out my Pin it (and yeah, if yis want an invite…let me know. I’ll hook ya up.)

Writerly Stuff

I wrote the below for an old work mate and a new blogger and tweep. Here ya go Mr. T!

This is a very cool and interesting book blog post; 100 of the greatest books of all time. OMG  run there NOW!
Examples of Successful Queries

Read this agents blog with examples of queries, critiqued, from the Query Shark. You Must Read This BLOG! Query Shark

A New York Bestseller who gives advice on writing, queries letters and so much more, by

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Valerie,

    Thanks a mil for the comment. Really appreciate it. I spend my sm time on twitter. Rarely use the rest of them, but it is handy to have accounts in them. After all, it is another link to you on the web.

    Beir bua


  2. valeriesirr says:

    Thanks re social media stuff. Blog, FB and Twitter are time-consuming enough for now. Might do Google+. Maybe I need a nice new i-phone. I wish 🙂


  3. Fecking touch screen, silly awkward fingers….I meant….funniest comment, like, eva


  4. Moloney King says:

    Ahahahahahahah! Funnies comment, like, eav!!


  5. D.S.Taylor says:

    I pity the fool that doesn't click those links


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