I will be a Famous Writer

It was a Saturday; I was fooling around town…..when I saw someone coming over to me. It was a psychic and she was talking at me. ‘My naaameee is Christina Sayer (ChristinaSayer@yahoo.com) and I can foretell your liffffe…’

I am a Rubber Bandits. After a day of teaching – I like to drag down my hair, load on the red lippy, tear off the carrdie, climb into the heals and blast on Rubber Bandits! (Preemptive note: This band is ironic, no this is not how Limerick people are and yes..even though I am a teacher I am allowed to have a sense of humour out of class!) Oh and yeah…I do sing along in a high pitched voice!

Anyway back to the point. I was at a psychic and she asked me if I was famous! ‘Whhha? Like, no…I mean, I have a Twitter account…but sure that doesn’t count?’
She smiled and said that no it doesn’t count. She said she saw success and victory all around me, a happy life near a train station and fame…..

Here is a tiny bit of what she said:

You will go on to study a masters.                                                                               TICK

You are getting married this year.                                                                               TICK

You love to learn and are very career orientated.                                                    TICK

You love teaching but I can’t see you teaching for long…..                                     TICK (wait…what?)

And you are going to be a famous Romantic Fiction writer….this year                BOOOOOM

It wasn’t the famous part, or the writer part or even the teacher part…but the genre part! I have written a YA book and a middle grade book. Both of which are being left to age for a while. And here I was being told that I was going to change genre completely and then get a book deal and become famous. Say whaaaat?

 So, there you have it. I will be a famous romantic fiction writer, this year! And here’s the rub; I have been to psychics a few times before, OK…a lot of times, and most of what they said came true! But as the mammy says, ‘everything tastes better with a pinch of salt!!’

Right, I’m off. I need to do a bucket load of research on rom-com fiction, suss out agent du jouir Sheila Crowley, oh and season my future book dreams with salt!

                  Wanna share any psychic stories you have in the comments section below? G’waaan!


Published by Michelle Moloney King

Bookish and paintish! Mother, wife, teacher, and follower of flow.

9 thoughts on “I will be a Famous Writer

  1. My iPad is a NIGHTMARE when it comes to writing comments…..so forgive the typo in my last comment….I saw it but couldn't delete it as the iPad would freeze and I'd have to start all over again….for the 5th time!


  2. Hi Xavier,

    I used those same steps to get a job years ago and it worked…but then I forgot all about the steps….and here I am full circle.

    Thanks a mil for the advice and tips, much appreciate.

    Beir Bua


  3. Congratulations Michelle! If you have taken on board any of the stuff I have written about you will know that if you now accept that you are already this famous Romantic Fiction writer then just see yourself as if you have already arrived and are living the life. The subconscious will respond to your mind shift and manifest your new reality. Give it a try…what do you have to lose?


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