Can’t touch this….

Catchy song no?! Nothing to do with the post though….it will probably get stuck in your head now……*cue evil chuckle!*

A review of a few posts.

As some of you may know I was at the Children’s Laureates Meet in Dublin. I met the lovely Julia Donaldson and our own Siobhán Parkinson.

I met Chris Bincy in Dublin as part of his writer in residence. He gave me loads of advice, so I’m pretty busy teaching and editing to blog as much as I use to.

My post on the Children’s Laureate was mention on THE ~ Children Books Ireland website!

In teaching news – I have been getting more days subbing, and I need ice-breakers. I introduce myself and share about my favourite book to the children. I love Alan Early’s book, it is an adventure and is fun. Honestly, the children just love that I was at his book launch, that I met him and wrote about the launch on His book was nominated for an Irish Book Award and ‘has been chosen as the key book in a new project to promote reading among primary school children.’ – Irish Times.

I wrote a post (well a copy and paste job) on New Uses For Old Things.

I a teaching two ICT courses for teachers in the Kilkenny Education Centre the links are here Twitter for Education and
Scratch Computer Programming .


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise says:

    You're always busy – the best way. Read a cool post earlier – here's the link and sorry for being out of touch. I had the head down, only now coming up for air:)


  2. Anonymous says:

    First time to ever comment on a blog……hi!!

    I heard about Alan's book here and will be recommending it for my class.



  3. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for the comment! As iama teacher, I always ask the children what's hot and what's not….I was lucky I came across Alsn Earlys book myself cause the kids think I'm cool now!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I got his book and your right my son loves it, thanks for the advice!



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