Free on-line story books

If you are a parent, teacher, or want to sus out a load of kids books then these sites will be of interest to you.
I got it on

Alphabet – Alphabet

Alphabet – alphabet

Alphabet –illustrated alphabet of birds

Animal – The lost cygnet

Animals – The lucky duck

Animals – Animal sounds

Animals – Animals that you can see at the zoo

Animals – animals you can see at the zoo

Animals – banana’s for lunch

Animals – Benty

Animals – Dog and he bone

Animals – Georgina the giraffe

Animals – hungry animals

Animals – Kitty wants a box

Animals – Kitty wants a box

Animals – Lion and mouse cbeebies6

Animals – Little big mouse  

Animals – Me and my cat

Animals – Moris’ special day

Animals – Nobodys dog

Animals – Penguin party

Animals – Pond web

Animals – Round bird can’t fly

Animals – Sebastian Swan’s story

Animals – Sebastian’s rhyme

Animals – Stop it Webster

Animals – Sunil the stripy tiger

Animals – The adventures of Debbie Duck

Animals – The perfect pet

Animals – the perfect pet

Animals – The swan story

Animals – The tiger who lost his tail

Animals – The yellow gorilla

Animals – Three goats, no waiting

Animals – Trip to fox mountain

Animals – What parakeets need

Animals – Where do hedgehogs go?

Animals – Who’s at the zoo?

Animals – Whose cat is that?

Animals– Sebastian’s waddle

Animals –The square book of animals

Animalse- The hunterman and the crocodile

Art – pictures by Dorothy Strait

Art – pictures by Ernie Barnes

Art – pictures by Georges Seurat

Art – pictures by Marc Chagall

Art – pictures by Paul Gauguin

Art – pictures by Vincent Van Gogh

Babies – Don’t wake the baby!

Babies – Five little babies

Babies – five little babies

Babies – Super baby

Beach – Fisherman Tim

Beach – Little Joe and the sea

Beach – New fish on the reef

Beach – Something fishy

Beach – Steven seagull at the seaside

Beach – Sydney and the sea monster

Beach – Tweenies seaside safety story

Bears – bears in bed

Bears –Bear cookbook

Bears –Where’s the bear?

Butterflies – The butterfly trail

Cats – Axel the freeway cat

Cbeebies – Bunny, banana and Mo

Charity – Tommy Zoom and the charity shop

Chinese fables – various –

Christmas – Turkey

Christmas –A visit form Sait Nicholas

Clifford the dog – “Here Clifford!”

Clifford the dog – Clifford’s big day

Clifford the dog – Where’s Emily?

Clothes – Benjamin’s Bowtie

Clothes – Carlton’s magic trainers

Clothes – Oh no, not my socks

Clothes – the blue shoe

Clothes – White socks only

Colour – Colour the rainbow

Colour – Colour the rainbow

Colour – colours

Colour – One colour day

Comics – 2 friends

Comics – Lemonade girl

Cooking – Making mince pies

Cooking – making peppermint creams

Easter – The easter surprise

Family – Dad –

Family – Dad, are you the tooth fairy?

Family – Daddy wears a funny hat

Family – Grandpa Sam

Family – Grandparent

Family – my mommy –

Farm – Farm animals

Farm – Farmer Ken’s puzzle

Farm – Farmyard ABC

Farm – Farmyard story cbeebies7

Farm – muddy time

Farm – Stop that chicken!

Farm – The barn yard chorus

Farm – The hopping hen

Farm – The sleepy farmer

Farm – The sleepy farmer

Farm –The farm animals

Feelings – A very helpful little boy

Feelings – Brave Irene

Feelings – I am not sleepy!

Feelings – I can do it

Feelings – It’s not fair!

Feelings – Not too little to help

Feelings – The boy who cried wolf

Feelings – The sad day

Feelings – When sophie gets angry

Fiction – Dragon goes to the farm

Fiction – Happy mothers day dear dragon

Fiction – It’s earth day dear dragon

Fiction – The no tail cat

Folk tales – Mr Bunny’s carrot soup

Folk tales – The 4 friends

Folk Tales – The little rooster

Folk tales – The turnip

Food – bananas for lunch

Food – Blackberry time

Food – Buzzy Bee’s picnic

Food – Harvest time

Food – Pumpkin

Food – The missing apples –

Food – The monster feast

Food – what’s in a tin of beans

Food–apple pie

Forest – Tommy Zoom and the falling forest

Greek myths – Pegasus

Greek Myths – The maze

Greek Myths – The Midas touch

Greek Myths – The woman runner

Greek Myths – The wooden horse

Greek Myths – Wings

Growing – Growth

Growing – The good seed

Health & Safety – holding hands

Health & Safety – Time to fight a fire

Health & Safety – Tommy zoom and the Toxic waste

Health & Safety – Tommy zoon and the litter trail

Houses and homes – Happy house

Houses and homes – No place like home

Hygiene – I will not take a bath

Mini beasts – Bug beard

Mini beasts – Buzzy bee and friends

Mini beasts – Buzzy bee

Mini beasts – Buzzy bee

Mini beasts – Buzzy bee’s night out

Mini beasts – The best bug parade

Mini beasts – The spider and the lie

Music – Frederic Chopin

Music – I want to play music too

Music – Music of Jacques offenbach

Music – Music of Ludwig Van Beethoven

Music – Music of Peter Tchaikovsky

Music – Music of Scott Joplin

Music – Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mythical creatures – Flower fairy story

Mythical creatures – The painting elves

Non Fcition – Penguin, penguin

Non- fiction – Wolves

Non-Fiction – Pumpkin, pumpkin

Number – counting to tar beach

Number – Kapai counts to 10

Number – Number circus

Number – The counting story

Number – The counting story

Number -6 little teddy bears

Number- Countdown to blast off

Nursery rhymes – Humpty Dumpty

Nursery rhymes – Mar’y little lamb

Nursery rhymes – Mother goose finger plays

Nursery rhymes – Mother goose

Nursery Rhymes – nursery rhymes

Nursery Rhymes- Little songs of long ago

Nursery rhymes –Our old nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes- the song of sixpence

Ourselves – all about me –

Ourselves – I will not take a bath

Ourselves – Making faces

Ourselves – The eyebrow story

Ourselves – Time for potty

Ourselves – Tummy trouble

Ourselves (teeth) – Clyde’s smile

Ourselves/teeth – the monster who loved toothbrushes

Outdoors – Bonny, b &M:Sunflower

Outdoors – Come into the garden

Outdoors – Dotties garden

Outdoors – Gleep and the tall tree

Outdoors – Going downtown

Outdoors – Little wild flower

Outdoors – Tess’s tree

Outdoors – The house by the woods

Outdoors – The puri tree

Outdoors – The wishing tree

Outdoors– Bluebell time

Outdoors– Debbie duck in the park

Outdoors- Flower

Outdoors –Mr Mcginty

Outdoors– Who gets the flowers

Phonics – ar – car race

Phonics – ee – ‘Pete’s sheep’

Phonics – er ir ur – surfer girl

Phonics – medial a – Zac the rat

Phonics – medial e – Peg the hen

Phonics – medial i – the big hit

Phonics – medial o – Mox’s shop

Phonics – medial u – Gus the duck

Phonics – oa – Soap boat

Phonics – or – My horse glory

Phonics – silent e with i words– sky ride

Phonics – silent e with a words – Jake’s tale

Phonics – silent e with o words – Robot and Mr mole

Phonics – silent e with u words – Dune buggy

Phonics – y as a vowel- my family

Plays – cookies

Plays – dog and cat

Plays- guess

Poetry – various by famous poets (Josefowitz, Stevenson, Rosetti)

Popular – The rainbow fish

Popular – The very hungry caterpillar

Popular, colour – Brown bear, brown bear

Riddles – I spy

School – Blue cow in the playground

School – Emily Elizabeth goes to school

School – Emily elizebeth goes to school

School – The school run

School- Teacher’s pet

Science – My shadow

Senses – sounds

Shape – Draw me shapes

Shape – Sammy’s shape

Shape – The story of shapes

Shape – The story of shapes

Space – The rocket book

Space – Tommy Zoom and the alien adventure

Space / Comics – Moon trip part 1

Space / Comics – Moon trip part 2

Sports – Blue cow goes to the Olympics

Sports – Little frog and the frog Olympics

Sports – The royal obstacle race

Teddy – 6 little teddy bears

Teddy – Teddy at the fair

Time – Ben Biggins week

Toad- Toad’s trip

Tongue twisters – Fuzzy Wuzzy

Tongue twisters – Peter piper

Tongue twisters – seashells

Tongue twisters – Woodchuck

Toys – The enchanted toyshop

Toys – The wonders of a toy shop

Tradional – The three big pigs

Tradional – The three little pigs

Tradional/ folk tales – Chicken little (the sky is falling)

Traditional – Cinderella

Traditional – Cinderella

Traditional – Gingerbread man

Traditional – Goldilocks and the three bears

Traditional – Jack and Beanstalk

Traditional – ladybird 3 little pigs

Traditional – Little Red riding hood

Traditional – Little red riding hood

Traditional – The enourmous watermelon

Traditional – The pied piper

Traditional – The three bears

Traditional / folk tales– The little ren hen

Traditional –The story of the 3 little pigs

Transport – Engine 9, party line

Transport – Little Red engine

Transport – Stop that bus

Transport – The polar express

Transport – Trains and brains

Transport – When will daddy come home?

Tweenies – Shrinking Tweenies

Tweenies – Starship Tweenies

Tweenies – Tweenies tales

Valentines day – Valentine

Weather – Deep spring

Weather – In the autumn

Weather – Stories from Rainbow’s edge

Weather – The snow man

Weather – The snowman

Weather – The sun and the wind

Weather – The sun and the wind

Weather – Weather story

Weather – Where’s my hat?

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