Did you know?

EDIT: Due to a change in layout some blog posts have been moved. I will have the original post back here soon.

7 responses to “Did you know?”

  1. Colm Moloney perhaps angel now is a dog with wings like in the movie' neverending story',which is exactly what the continual execution of dogs in Carron has been..may the perpetrator be re-incarnated as a lone, starving,disease ridden stray.


  2. Hi Lousie,

    Thanks for your moment. Make sure that you ar careful about yourdogroaming, cause the always that if a dog is on your property you can shot firsthand ask questions later.

    Hi Irishminx,

    Thanks so much for your comment. She was a very trusting dog……she is in a better place ow.


  3. Oh Michelle I am so very sorry about Angel, what a tragic end to a beautiful dogs life. And Angel was so trusting of the B…… who killed her!

    Warm gentle hugs to you all xox


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