Christmas Presents – DIY 3

Clock Book

This is a fun and easy project all you really need is the idea (and supplies, of course) 

A hard back book cover
A clock set (can buy these from good craft shops) or take apart an old one you have (which I did).
A drill or a screwdriver and care.

Ensure that your hard back book cover is of simple design with not too much text.
Use a compass to draw a light circle, you can mark the digits or leave them blank, make a small insertion into the centre of the circle and fit your clock set.

Tick, tick…..BOOOOOM, You don’t need to shake the room cause you just made a book clock.

These pictures are not mine. I will upload mine later, promise!
We discussed how to make:

  1. Magnetic poems
  2. A Books Bracelet

In my next few Christmas posts I will show you how to make:

  1. Paper Daisies
  2. Book Beads Bracelet

Not so crafty? See the below:

William Blake Pin, it is a classic quotation from a talented author. Available in a choice of purple or red. Comes gift-boxed. (measures approximately 3.5 x 3.75cm. ) Cost £4.00. From The Literary Gift Company

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moloney King says:

    Hi Xavier,

    Thank you! I love making stuff, I must finish the clock today and will post pictures here.

    Happy Christmas


  2. Very clever and very creative. I have always thought that presents we make for one another contain more of our hearts. Thank you Michelle.


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