Christmas Presents – DIY 2

Last time we made a Magnet poem. Today we are going to make a word covered bangle.

Newspaper/map/magazine/cartoon pages
sand paper
small paint brush


  • Decide on the paper you want to use and cut out long strips. Ensure that the piece you cut out reach all around the bangle  and that they overlap/.

  • Decide on the width you are going to go with. (See below for different styles).

  • Once you have decided the above simply cut the paper and lay it out.

  •  Ensure your bangle is clean, and to ensure the paper stick I would advice to use a small piece of sanding paper to rough it up.

  • Use the brush to paint the glue onto one piece of paper and glue on, one at a time,  with the edges overlapping.

  •  Ensure there are no air bubbles, leave to dry for at least 2 hours.

  • Paint with varnish to ensure the ink wont run and elongating the life span of your fab new, personalised bangle!

I will upload pictures of my finished bangle later, just waiting for them to dry.

Other Pretty Examples, pictured below.

We discussed how to make:

  1. Magnet poem

Next time we will make

  1. A Clock Book
  2. Paper Daisies
  3. A word covered bangle
  4. A Book Bead Bracelet

Not so crafty? See the below:

Bodleian Library Writing Set

Description: before the advent of dust-jackets many books, especially those for children, were bound in brightly coloured cloth with pictorial blockings in gold and colours. The Book of Sports and Pastimes, Things Worth Making and The Outdoor Handy Book are just a few of the unusual 19th and 20th century book covers featured on this writing set.

Details: contains 10 sheets of writing paper and 10 envelopes. Folder has a velcro seal. 24 x 19cm. £4.99 From The Literary Gift Company


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