Writerly Nails

I am delighted to announce that this blog was a runner up in the heated contest of Most Influential Blog Post in the International EduBlog Awards 2011

Thanks to Caren Kennedy for being a fantastic creative writing teacher and thanks to you guys for voting and reading. 


So you fancy yourself to be a writer, eh? Do you go to book shops almost daily? Can pass a  stationary shop without going in? When you shop in Tesco, do you spend more time in the book section than the food section?

Well if you do all of the above thing, you gotta ask yourself a question, ‘I act like a writer but do I look like a writer?’ Well I have the answer for you. 

Writerly Nails. Yeap, that right; Writerly Nails, people! I wrote about crackle glaze before, so check that out.

You will need:
1.       Rubbing alcohol (or alcoholic hand wash)
2.       A base nail varnish colour (neutral colour)
3.       A light grey/pink/white nail varnish colour
4.       A newspaper
5.       Cotton buds
6.       Nail varnish remover
1.   You can do this part the night before, or not at all. File your nails, buff them and apply oil or cream to give them a bit of TLC.
2.   Cut the newspaper into small squares (double the size of your nails.)
3.   Apply the base coat, this will prevent the grey colour discolouring your nails. Leave it dry for 2 minutes.
4.   Apply the light grey nail varnish colour and leave dry for 6 minutes.
5.   Put some rubbing alcohol into a small container and dip one finger in for about 5 seconds.
6.   Pick up one piece of newspaper and then press one it onto your nail for 15 seconds, then peel off slowly.
7.   Dip a cotton bud into nail varnish remover and use this to remove any excess newspaper print from your finger.
8.   Apply a clear top coat.
9.   A great tip is to also apply the clear varnish  to the tip and under the tip of your nail, thus sealing the varnish and ensuring it will last even longer.
Hey presto you now have writerly nails.
You can send me in pictures of your fab writerly nails via Twitter @MoloneyKing and I will publish the pictures along with your Twitter and blog link here.
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Thanks and Reki Blessings for stopping by! The fact that anyone would be interested in what I have to say….well it still shocks me. 🙂

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  1. Louise says:

    Congrats on being a runner up – well done to u! Love d nails-I knew I was missing something!!!


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