Clouds of Confusion

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 If you are an educator, ICT head or just like discussing/reading about technology then join the CESI  I received the below story from a member in this group. It certainly made me laugh, and in these days we all need a laugh.


‘A GALWAY councillor has refused to apologise for swearing at a County Council committee meeting after he told a fellow councillor to “go **** himself.”

Local area councillor Seamus Tiernan made the amazing outburst after he was told he was a “feckin eejit” for thinking that cloud computing was only suitable in areas with lots of rain. He had told the Infrastructure Committee meeting this week that his native Connemara would be ideal for cloud computing because it has heavy cloud cover for nine months of the year.”

The Independent councillor said that the Government should be doing more to harness clean industries for the Connemara area and he named wind energy and cloud computing as two obvious examples. “Connemara in particular could become a centre of excellence for wind energy harnessing, as it is open to the Atlantic. Also in terms of cloud computing, we have dense thick fog for nine months of the year, because of the mountain heights and the ability to harness this cloud power, there is tremendous scope for cloud computing to become a major employer in this region.”

However his mistake was pointed out by an incredulous Cllr Martin Shiels who said that “this is taking the biscuit. I’ve heard it all now. You must be a fecking eejit to think that the cloud computing had anything to do with climate.” Cllr Tiernan took umbrage at the remarks of his colleague and called for them to be withdrawn. When Cllr Shields refused to do so, Tiernan said “go **** yourself, Cllr Shields.”
Chairman Sile Ni Baoill asked for both councillors to withdraw their comments, but Cllr Tiernan was repentant that Cllr Shields was wrong and that cloud comouting is linked to cloud cover.
“Tell me why large companies are opening server farms in cold wet countries then”, he asked Cllr Shields.

HOWEVER it is a fake.  Just check the list of Galway Co Councillors for all 5 electoral areas and none of the names quoted in the piece are listed. Pity! There is no Infrastructure Committee either. There are no such entities as Local Area Councillors – just Councillors who represent local electoral areas (5 in all for Galway, with 30 Co Councillors) the list is here.

Sometimes the truth is better that fiction, sometimes we just wish it was. It still is good for a laugh though. ‘

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By Michelle Moloney King

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4 replies on “Clouds of Confusion”

Oh God, but this made me laugh. Was almost disappointed it was fake.

There are a lot of LOLs going on here!



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