Change Your Attitude to Gratitude

When Alanis Morressit changed from Jagged Little Pill to Thank You, she lost fans and some credibility. Funny, how much the words Thank You upset people. Well, prepare to be upset! I want to thank people who continue to vote for me in the International Education Blog Awards 2011.
Thank You got me thinking, (no it didn’t hurt). How many people say thanks? How often do you do favours or help people out and they don’t say thanks? Or worse still, how many times have you heard Irish people slating other Irish people who are doing well?
You see, in my opinion, gratitude is important, healthy, necessary and polite. And, we are members of a polite society, are we not?

TY. So, I would like to say a huge Thank You to all of the fabulous people who nominated me for an International Blog Award.

TY. I would like to thank everyone who voted, the Tipp Star for writing about me, Tipp FM for interviewing me and you guys, my blog readers.

TY. Thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, thank you for voting, I appreciate you.

TY. Voting closes on this Tuesday December 13th, you can vote every day (if ya want)


I will keep you updated, for me; it is not about the winning. It never was! I have been nominated for an International Education Blog Award 2011….thanks to you guys.

 I checked my blog statistics and I want to say thanks to all the different countries that have seen my blog. There are a lot so:

Go raibh maith agaibh
Thank you
Saagha xalda hwa
Xual mu wa
Grazzi hafna
Al ning bara

There are many more people from countries that have stopped off here, but I will end it with the best
 language of all, Sanskrit (why do I love Sanskrit? Well that is another post for another
 day)  Anugurihiitosumi

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks so much Finn.

    Trich, you are as good!

    Love it, Ibone, thank you for commenting!



  2. Ibone says:

    Here is another TY from the Basque Country
    Eskerrik asko


  3. irishminx says:

    Thank you for shining your light Michelle 🙂
    And good luck wrapped with love.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you

    Best Regards


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