Christmas Presents – DIY 1

Bookish Christmas Presents

I remember celebrating Mothers Day, every year I would ask my mom what she wanted and she would always say, something ‘homemade’ my imagination could only ever stretch to a homemade card. The time and effort that went into these cards was something else. I was the one who wrote the poem and my twin was the one who drew the picture.
Here we are all these years later, me  teaching and writing and my sister is using art as part of her career.
I wonder if my mom’s request for ‘homemade’ had an impact?  I would like to say hi to Sheevaun (for her home cooking skills) and Karen (for her sewing skills) ye are an inspiration ladies. Anyway, for those of you who like to be creative then check out the below.

Make Magnet Poems

Coloured paper
A paper print out of the XX*
Magnet Stripes
Scissors / blade (I bought mine for a few euro in Tessco)
Super Glue
Laminatetor / sellotape / resin
Freezer bag (to store the piece in)

You can go a wild as you want:
You can print out random words (to create your own fridge poems)
Print out cool quotes
Print out book names and authors (but make the authors as separate magnets so you have a fridge quiz)
Print out saying family members sayings
Print out holiday destination you went to and the dates (make as separate magnets so a fridge quiz to test your partner!)


  • Decide on the XX* you want to use and print/write.
  • You could print/write different words on different coloured sheets or in different fonts.

Here is a picture of the formatting I used

If you are printing then:

  • I would advise to use size 24, that you select line spacing of 2.
  • Also if you are printing, a tip would be to select a word then press the ‘CTRL’ key and go on to select more words and then click change colour. (All of you selected words will change colour…saves time)
  • If you want to download the poem I formatted click here to download.

  • Laminate the XX* or cover in sellotape or cover in resin. (this will protect them and ensure durability)
  • Cut a piece of the magnet strip to match the paper.
  • Stick them on to the magnet strip.

    oh look at my handy TO DO re-usable sheet


    You are done! If you look at my first picture, you will see that with the extra laminated paper I also made a re-usable to do sheet. If you use a marker you can wipe and re-use! It is the gift that keeps on giving!

    I love buying books but hate giving them away. Even when I lend them to friends, I always note their name, the book and date so I know when to go after them for my book!

    We have a very old (and unwanted) Encyclopaedia and I am going to turn one of the books into some cool things, in my next few Christmas posts I will show you how to make:

    1. A Books Bead Bracelet
    2. A Clock Book
    3. Paper Daisies
    4. A word covered bangle.

    Goodbye old Encyclopaedia book cool stuff!

    Not so crafty? See the below:

     I love this idea for a t-shirt. You would be surprised by the amount of times people have said to me, ‘don’t include that into your blog or book.’ ‘Honestly,’ I tell them, ‘you are not that interesting!’ This t-shirt is about £20 on-line but you could go to a t-shirt place and get them to do one up for you.

    By Michelle Moloney King

    Artist. Poetish.

    4 replies on “Christmas Presents – DIY 1”

    Hi Stafford,

    HAhahaha hope you like the note, I am a kid of the subliminal advertising so hope it works here too! Ah but no, it was extra laminated sheet left over, so I used it as a to note.

    Sheevaun and Siobahn are the same name, just the English ad Irish versions.

    Your play sounds great.



    Looking at the cut out letters, I see you also do ransom notes!
    You mention Sheevaun and I ask about the spelling. In a musical play for primary children “Leprechaun's Gold” is a character named Siobahn, I was assured that was pronounced 'Sheevaun'.
    BTW the play (a copy of which you could have for the asking) is a lot of fun with good songs (on CD; I presume can be up and down loaded) and plenty of action.
    If this interests you, e-mail me.


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