Help Twitter Help you – Part 3

Hi there,

I have another post on Twitter help. Thank you for all the comments, facebook likes, tweets, re-tweets and even emails. I am so glad that your Twitter is getting the help it needs. Part one and part two are here.

Twistory This is out of this world amazing! You add your Twitter backlog feed to your favorite calendar application and browse through your personal Twitter diary, making your Twitter history both fun and useful!

Tweetlater  you can tweet all the time, without being there. Don’t over-use this, a lot of tweeps don’t like it as it seems as you are spamming. Just send a few.  It also creates auto-messages for people who follow you.

UnTweeps is a great tool that could help you find and unfollow inactive users, keeping your timeline relevant. You can use this as a platform to post to all of your social media platforms  simultaneous

Tweetstats Love stats? Then you will love this site, you can analyse your Twitter statics. You can even make a Twitter cloud of all your tweets. Here is mine.

This is also TweetStatsTopicsTopics but it a bar chart of the trending topics, it could come in handy if you are looking to engage more.

Tweetvalue This is more stats for you, but the fun part is that it gives you a financial value for your twitter. I valued mine, for a giggle!! If you want you can get the Twitter value of your tweeps.

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