Crackle Glaze

This post is for all the ladies out there. I am sure by now that you know about the latest nail craze of crackle glaze. You get a crackled design over your nail varnish colour. It is cute, hot and fun. Even us, cardigan wearing, teachers have funky nails.

Here is a picture of my fabulous talons.

When I was subbing last week, all of the teachers and principal were mad about my nails! That school will defo remember me when they need a sub next!

You can buy Crackly Glaze in most good pharmacists for about EUR 4. The only reason that I am posting this is because it took me hours to get it right. As I am all about sharing the knowledge and saving time for my blog readers, I decided to share the ‘How To’.


1.      Use two contrasting colours, I chose a dark navy for my nail varnish colour and a white crackle glaze colour.


2.      Update – my nails kinda looked like I went mad with tippex, so my advice….don’t pick white as the crackle glaze colour. But in saying that, I did get a lot of compliments on them

3.      Apply a thin coat of your base colour (usually a nude colour – this will protect your nails from staining)


4.      You simply put on one layer nail varnish and let it dry for at least 15 minutes.


5.      Then apply a top coat, this will prevent the crackly glaze smugging your colour.

6.      Then apply the crackly glaze/ For a larger crackle effect apply a thick coat. For a smaller effect, then you obviously apply a thin coat.


7.      You can leave it dry naturally or bake your nails under a hairdryer. The crackle glaze will deconstruct, leaving you with a white crackled look on the top layer and show some of your nail varnish colour.

8.      Then you apply a top coat of clear nail varnish.


9.      When you are finished with the top coat, ensure that you go under your nail tip, this will help prevent your nails chipping and your colour will last longer.

(This may sound simple, but you would be surprised at how many mistakes you could make. Mistakes such as:
·         putting on two layers of your nail block colour; big mistake.
·         putting on too much of the crackle glaze – a huge no no!
The pro look

For all the writers out there I will be doing a post on writerly nails soon! Stay tuned!

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  1. These look great Michelle – they must have taken you absolute ages !



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