After my post earlier today, where I nominated people for an Edublogs Award, I was lucky enough to receive a lot of contact asking how one could go about nominating me. I could only explain in the platform of my blog!
So, if you would like to nominate me for an award, all you will need to is to write a post in your blog with the nomination.
You can decide on the category, it was pointed out to me that my post on dyslexia was a good one and the person in question wanted to nominate me in the Most influential blog post category.
So you could blog something like:
Edublogs Award
Today I would like to write a post about the Edublogs and my nomination.
Then after you publish your blog post, you need to go to the Edublogs Award page and paste your blog post URL (web address) there. They say on the Edublogs Page that the nomination has to be published on a public page, like a; blog, school blog, on a forum etc.
Thanks everyone for all of the tweets, DM’s, emails and even texts. Especially to the writers on Twitter, you guys are awesome!!

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  1. Another update, I have received NINE nominations for an Edublog award. I am chuffed and happy to be a blogger. This nomination is defo going on my teaching CV. Thanks to everyone, who nominated, tweeted, blogged, commented, read and shared.



  2. Hi,

    OK, so update. I have received TWO nominations for an #Eddies11

    from @alibaliwalker link here –

    from @trichdee Thank link here

    And a load more people have been DM'ing, tweeting and emailing me about nominating.

    Thank you oh so very much. That post that I am nominated for was a tough one to write ( and the fact that it was nominated for Most influential blog post in the Education Blog Awards…..well, it means a lot.



  3. Hi Finn,

    You are great for commenting, don't think I don't notice! You can comment back and leave your blog address in the post.

    I seem to have trouble with the same issue, it happens when I log into my 2 Gmail accounts.



  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi MoloneyKing,

    I can't seem to comment leaving my Google acc or my web address…so annom.

    I have written up a blog post with your nomination, that is a great piece and you truly deserve to be nominated.



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