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HTML is the language behind the fancy blogger GUI. You can change it to get more traffic! I love HTML. Today I will be talking about Meta Tags in HTML. (Oh blogger, you have made the www my classroom, and me; an eternal student!)
What is a Meta Tag and why should you care? They help your blog get traffic.  I once hear a blogger say that, ‘talent is the most important thing.’ Is it though? Is it really? How will I ever find your ‘talent,’ if I cannot find you on Google. Like, helllllooo!
Meta Tags help search engines to index your blog, thus leading traffic to your blog. They also offer you a way to control how your blog is described by some search engines. Did you know that if you don’t have meta tags in your blog then a lot of search engines will not even see your blog?

If no one sees your blog then no one will come, no one will read your work and, no one (not even you) will care enough about you and your ‘talent.’

But, if you HTML smart and blog cute…then who knows, maybe someone will like your ‘talent’ and HTML. They might like it so much that they will nominate you for an Irish Blog Award and you might even win the Best Newcomer, or the Best Blog Post, or God…maybe even the Best Blog. Back to HTML coding, bad blogger for getting distracted about dizzy heights!  (mmhh, I just Googled the IBA and have read that they will not be running in 2012. I wonder if there will be any Blog Awards??)

You can use description, title and keywords in your Meta Tags.
Deciding on your keywords, ask yourself “if I was at a search engine and looking for a site on this topic what would I type into it to find this page?”
Some search engines will look at keywords in the blog post itself and if they see the same word in the body of the page and in the keywords then your placement in the search results will be higher. Higher = more hits. One thing you should never do is type the same word twice in your keywords. Search engines may get confused and not look further to your blog leading to your page getting missed.
This tag makes words show up on the top of the browser but it also tells people what your site is about.  When I Googled my site (before I added in title Meta Tags), I was always greeted with a snippet of my latest post., now, it is a neat description!) In your title tag you should use a short phrase that describes your page and uses keywords.  
It’s worthwhile this tag for blog as you gain  part control with various crawlers. You are using this tag to expand on your title tag.
Go to design, edit HTML, do a ‘ctrl  f ‘ for ” 

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  1. God, this post made me feel a bit down. just when I thought I was getting my head around some of this you come up with meta tags. You lost me at keywords!

    For someone like me who hasn't a baldy … where do I go when you say in the very last line “Go to design, edit HTML, do a 'ctrl f ' for ''

    I can't find the “design” button let alone edit HTML.

    Anyway…maybe someday. But till then I look up to you as my meta tag guru 🙂


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