What Do You Want?

I would like to welcome this weeks guest post to the blog, Xavier is a pretty cool guy. So cool, in fact, that I have named a character after him in my YA book!
My name is Xavier after St Francis Xavier. My mother is from Dublin and my father was a Tamil from Kuala Lumpur. I was born in Malaysia but brought up in Ireland. I have a Degree in Natural Sciences from TCD and spent most of my life as a secondary school teacher. I have taught in schools from Ireland to Japan and I retired from full-time teaching nearly 7 years ago to set up our own Private Hypno-Psychotherapy Practice here in Peel, Isle of Man, (Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic) with my wife Mary. I still teach for two hours every morning at the local high school mainly children with learning difficulties and emotional problems. I seemed to always gravitate to children who have slipped through the net and them to me. I love the balance that the teaching, therapy, and my family life have given me.  I wake up every day a very grateful man. My wife Mary is my partner on all levels of our life and as well as being an amazing wife and mother to our four children she is an amazing Hypno-Psychotherapist. We were both trained by Dr Joe Keaney of ICHP (The Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Ireland) and we are the only Hypnotherapists endorsed by the Department of Health in the UK practising here in the Isle of Man as members of the CNHC (Complementary & NaturalHealthcare Council.)
I came across Michelle by chance when I read one of her posts in which she spoke so lovingly of her father. Further posts revealed a caring teacher and a ball of fun. I immediately subscribed and I look forward to receiving her stories in my e-mail every week. Michelle asked me to write a guest post for her blog on any subject so I decided to write one on my favourite topic of all…
Over twenty years ago I had a dream that I remember as vividly today as I did all those years ago. In the dream I met God. He asked me what I wanted. I felt like a child and my mind went blank. I could have anything I wanted and I could not think of a single thing to say. I was struck dumb and I felt like a dummy! He asked me three times the same question…”Xavier, what do you want?”
In the end he answered for me …”You want me…He said”
With That I burst into tears as he wrapped His arms around me and I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I woke up the next morning to a pillow soaking wet through and a pain in my chest that felt as if I had been crying for days.
My question to all of you today is what would you say if you met God and he asked you …”Child, what do you want?”
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By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

4 replies on “What Do You Want?”

Xavier, I had a similar experience the first time I attended a Monroe Institute (USA) program. I met Jesus and had time with him. To say it was wonderful is a gross injustice. It was Divine!
My grandmother always spoke of Jesus as though he were her best friend, always as though he were in the next room. That's what she taught me too.
Nearing the end of 'our experience' I realized I had to leave his presence. I thought I was going to DIE and sobbed and sobbed.
I just want to be with him.


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