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I was on Twitter last night while I was watching Frozen Planet. Mr. King decided that nature was too cruel to watch so we changed the channel and I became bored. So I grabbed my Archaeology Ireland magazine and sent out a tweet on one of the articles. This article said that in 50 years time historians will be investigating the start of the web. My tweet questioned if bloggers would be included in the investigation. @Greyadder got back to me saying ‘Yes, I think they should; as they contribute so much to it.’ Well, as Graham is a non-blogger I wanted him to contribute so here it is. And it’s a good ‘un!
It has been said that a journey starts with a single footstep just making sure your facing in the right direction is the tricky bit after all retracing steps can be painful.

So I am surprised and very pleased to say I am writing a guest blog. Never thought I would be asked to blog, and it has started me thinking about all the effort, thought, and stress that goes in to writing one.
Overstatement, well not always! To come up with subjects and write in a way to interest you every time cannot be easy. In fact, it must take a while getting the grammar right too, and yes I have been helped! It is important to select a relevant subject matter and insert humour where and if required.

Sometimes it can be difficult, as in the case of personal blogs, where events that must hurt very much to write, making it even more special and important that they were shared. But these can help to inspire and comfort others.

Plus, to open themselves up to criticism, ninety nine percent of the time nice and constructive, but I am sure the one percent hurts but despite that they carry on.
And in time, the history pages will be electronic too and the blogs of many people will be remembered. So, what is written now will be discussed in the future as a guide to our thoughts hopes and dreams of today.
As with a lot of things in life if you think back to the first time you tried something and you do not always get it right. And if ever I write a story probably for fun…… there is a challenge! I have never been confident in the written word, but I did not think I would ever blog until yesterday, so anything can happen.
I have got a storyline seventy percent there, just to start to work out the characters. And the story and perspective! Put simply; do I write ‘he said such and such,’ and ‘she replied,’ or as if I was in the room with them? Should I be more descriptive with the dialogue? When you have had an idea for the past seven years you do think things through and through and through.
 Did I mention I take my time?
 As for blogging, writing is tough, you read a great story but filling two hundred  pages plus just from your own thoughts and creativity now that takes some doing. You never know on a few occasions the plot might need stretching to make book long enough as you can tell I have given it a lot of thought maybe not always correct but the rights and wrongs of peoples thoughts good and bad another blog another time.
I would also like to thank @MoloneyKing for asking me and I hope for a first try it is OK. It is a new experience for me it has been fun, sharpens the mind too and adds to life’s achievements pleased I have tried.
Graham, well done! I really enjoyed reading and sharing your post. I have LOADS of advice on how to set up a blog. The posts are on the top left of the page, just click on the label ‘Blogging.’ In relation to your questions, the best advice I can give you is to do a writing course. Join a writing circle and most importantly read. And make notes of how your favourite writers write. Then follow your own voice and go mad!
If you enjoyed my blog, you can subscribe to the blog by entering your email address in the box on the right hand sidebar ,and sure throw us an aould vote here (just one click). Thanks and Reki Blessings for stopping by; the fact that anyone would be interested in what I have to say still shocks me. 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much Suzie, he did such a great job. Proud to have him guest here.



  2. Suzie Tullett says:

    What a lovely first blog post, Graham. And I totally agree with your sentiments on blogging. Coming up with something that both entertains and interests a reader isn't always easy. You, however, achieved it x


  3. What inspires me to write? Man….I suppose it is the only way my over-active imagination can be poured into something to keep it quiet.


  4. Fave writers……ammmm
    James Joyce
    Frant McCourt
    Denise Deegan
    Maria Duffy
    Laura Jane Cassidy
    John MacKenna
    Celine Kiernan
    Kate Thompson
    Michael Grant
    Colette Caddle
    I could go on and on and on….

    Barbara scully –
    Louise Philips –
    Derek Flynn –
    Krystal Wayde-
    Caren Kennedy –

    again, I could go on and on and onnnnn

    Oh and make sure that you have a good read of there is LOADS and LOADS of advice from published writers. It is the best site for advice!


  5. Yes, well done, Graham. This is a very sensitive look at blogging from the blogger's point of view and what you say is so true. I think you should go ahead and write your story now! xx


  6. Well done graham. And you know what? The first blog post is the hardest. Good luck with your writing. & with your own blog. I look forward to reading it.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this. Just looking at your writing advice, what are your favourite writers, books etc? What inspires you to write?


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