You call yourself a teacher?

I have graduated, I now have my teacher number but I  still an internal question;
‘You call yourself a teacher?’

My answer; ‘ahh yeah!’

Da Inter-aa-net

I found out about Hibernia on the Internet, I got all of my lesson ideas on the Internet, I downloaded Scratch computer programming from the Internet, I found out about a free Scratch course…you guessed it from the Internet and then I blogged about it….on the Internet. (See here and here for the posts.)

My point? The Internet, is like,  super important if you call yourself a teacher.

I envy secondary teachers, they have ICT teachers and actual ICT lessons. In primary we have nothing. No ICT subject, we must sneak it into science, or we just use it to kill our pupils from death from PowerPoint overuse.

So, I urge, no, I beg all teachers (especially primary teachers) to get yourself along to a FREE SCRATCH two day course in Dublin.

And guess who is going to be teaching it, why ME of course.
Yeap, I found the ICS (Irish Computer Society) on the Internet and then when they needed a teacher they found me on the Internet.

Karma rocks, especially after yesterdays Ketchup Karma post.

Course details:
Time: 09.30am – 15.30pm

Location: ICS HQ, Crescent Hall, Mount St Crescent, D.2
Cost: Attendance is free, but pre-booking is essential.

To find out more go to the ICS web site.

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  1. Well done girl. You are just the person for the job. I hope all goes well.


  2. Simon Lewis says:

    Hi Michelle. Good luck on your course. I have to beg to differ with you on your opinion of having ICT as a separate subject at primary level. Best practice suggests that ICT should be integrated into the curriculum subjects. For example, Scratch could be used to aid literacy by creating an animation to tell a story. Scratch could also be used to design and make a Maths quiz, thus supporting the skill of problem solving in Maths. I hope this helps.


  3. Big congrats Michelle!


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