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Now all you need to do is write your first post.  Introduce yourself, say why you wanted to start a blog start to blog, if you want to you can say what direction your blog will take, or just share a story.

Remember to KISS (keep it short and sweet) be the sort of blog that you would like to read.

Blog layout

This is where your research will come in handy, what layouts did you like? What did you not like? Try to make your blog stand out but more importantly make it easy to read.

Series on Blogging – 3

 I was asked by to write a series on blogging for their web site, this is part 3:

I studied Information Technology and Telecommunications in University of Limerick and my FYP was on “Authoring Mythologies and Web design.” I did the research for you; here is what you need to know:
my new blog background, had fun making it.

1.      Use black text on a white backdrop.

2.      Use font “Times New Roman” and size “12”

3.      Write your posts with KISS in mind (keep it short and sweet)

4.      Be entertaining, engaging pull on people emotions but not in an overly mawkish way.

5.      Keep your header small, people want to be able to see your posts straight away, they do not want to have to move the scroll bar down just to begin to read, so either no header or picture like me  (I just use my name).

6.      If you are going to make your own graphic then this Anseo, is the best I have seen.

8.      Ensure the body (where you post) is wide, as is the case for mine.

9.      You can choose your layout in the design sections, Template Designer section.

10.  Change your side bars, to suit their purpose. On my blog the right is wider as it is busier.

11.  Go into the advance section if you want to change the colours (show your individuality off)

12.  Make an “about me” page, (go to dashboard, posting, edit pages, new page) and then introduce yourself. This will be a static page (it will only change when you change it)

13.  If you are lucky to be contacted by readers then make it easy for them, have a contact me page.

14.  Don’t just use your email address, create a Google form: go to Gmail, documents, create new, from template, form and simply select the one you want and modify as you see fit. Or click here

15.  Then click on – more actions, embed, copy the code, go to your new page in your blog.

16.  You need to change the “post options,” don’t allow comments, select: interpret typed HTML and publish.

Phew, if you did follow these steps that was an awesome work.  If you didn’t, don’t worry about as you have loads of time to go back to your Blogger to set it up.
————-Part 1 of this series
Part 2 of this series

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