Series on Blogging – 1

I was asked by to write a series on blogging, this will be the first of many posts.  Only writing about how to set up your blog, social media platforms, how to plan your blog, how to use analytical tools to see if which blog posts are successful.l I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful.
Why you need to blog

If you are a writer you need to have as many links on-line as possible. We live in an age where the standard talk is “I will tweet / Facebook / G + you” and “what is your Facebook fan page / blog / web address?”

Having a blog will increase your readership, hone your writing skills, give your immediate publication and feedback, give you a “Likability” (if you do it right) and ultimately increase your book sales.

You need to decide which blog platform you are going to use. They say that is the best, if I had my time back I would probably go with that platform. But I like  now, and would never change.

Buy your domain

Are you aware that your blog can be deleted or even sold at any time? Yup, you have no right to it. Unless….you buy the domain. It is only about USD 12.00 it is easy to do and it looks better. My domain is it looks more professional also. Find out how to do this for blogger here and wordpress here

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Xavier,

    Only seeing your comment now, I will defo check it out. Thanks a mil for the tip.



  2. I got someone to set up my wordpress blog on our business website. My wife and I are hypnotherapists and we usually add a post once a week. The topic is always about hypnotherapy or related to it so I can't really be as creative with it as I would like. It is good content written by professional in the field so it builds our reputation.

    I let my hair down in HubPages and that is where I have posted over 100 posts on a wide variety of topics. I am surprised you haven't written a few hubs. It is a community for writers and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It wouldn't take you long to collect a sizeable following there.

    By the way thanks for all your support I won't forget it.


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