The Yank, lunch and the radio

There I was, walking down main street in my local town looking for a nice place to eat. I am fussy about where I will eat and with whom I will break bread with. I was with The Yank (uncle who has been living in The States for about 50 years) we both had an idea of what we wanted for lunch but I had no idea where to take him.
I wanted a window seat, a nice salad, no dungeons, not too busy, loads of light, a good view of the street and, of course, super clean.
After 20 minuets of walking around town like a tourist, The Yank swung around and asked “how do you know know your local town, kid?” I chose to ignore it and flicked my long blond hair as I went to open the door of another, probable unsuitable, cafe. I slammed the door shut and said “let’s just drive to Dublin for lunch, no-where here”.
“Kid”, he lowly sung in his wanna be John Wayne accent, “How can you not know your local town?!”, that was it, I went for the Maureen O’Hara approach and spat out; “sure what do you know about Cashel, you are an American tourist here for a few weeks” , unlike Maureen, however, my retaliation ended there as he tipped his hat (I kid you not) and drawled the goings on of my home town. I fell silent while I was told put me on the straight and narrow in relation to where’s hot and not to eat, which shop burn down, who was burgled, who sold out and most importantly where served the best salad (for me) and the best bacon and cabbage (for him).
It turns out, he has been listening to Tipperary Mid West Radio on-line all day everyday. And now, so do I. They not only tell you about local goings on but play the coolest old school music.

In the end I broke my silence and bread with The Yank and learn a lot. Thanks for being a cool uncle Stephen Maher and glad you are feeling better.

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  1. Jack says:

    Hey Michele, cool story! Hope you had a nice lunch in the end. Local radio rules!


  2. Hi Eimear,

    Thanks so much for the comments, delighted to see you here, will the lunch was a spur of the mo thing, but next time for sure, LOL!



  3. Eimear says:

    Hey sis, such a cool story! am well impressed! must tune in to local radio immediately! shame to be missing out on local update! thanks for the invite to join ye for the lunch!


  4. Hi Lads,

    Thanks so much for the comments.

    @Louise, The lunch was fab, he knew so much about the town, well impressed.

    @Carren, I so agree, I knew Dublin way better than all of the Dubs i knew when i lived there.

    @Ann, thank you so much for you comment, glad you liked the story.

    @Derek, How is my fave music man? Thanks for the comment.

    @Xavier, Ha! Funny, I learnt my lesson.


  5. That'll teach ya! LOL!


  6. derekflynn says:

    What a sweet story, Michelle. Lovely!


  7. Anonymous says:

    That's such a good point Michelle, I never know the local news. I'm going to tune in now!



  8. I find asking a tourist is the best source for local info!


  9. 120 Socks says:

    In general us locals are disaters – we tend not to investigate where we live, but rather where we go on holidays to! Local radio is brilliant, great for the community and visitors to it – hope you both had a great lunch!


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