Wanna create a computer game at any age?

Scratch is computer programming for all ages, it is object-oriented programming. Pupils can download the software for free, it is explained; by comparing the activity to building applications by connecting smaller components in the same way a child assembles LEGO bricks.

I went to one of the Scratch course and loved it, it woudl be of great benefit in the classroom.  For more info on where to download it and on classes click here to read my blog post.

Before you go saying, “sure my class woudl be too young,” then read about the Montessori  kids who use it here.
I was informed by Clare McInerney of an upcomming  Scratch training sessions.

“These courses are funded by the NCTE and are a joint collaboration between Lero and CESI (the Computer Education Society of Ireland http://www.cesi.ie/). The courses will be tutored mainly by teacher practitioners and are open to both primary and post-primary teachers.

 The course will take place over two Saturdays:
October 1st and  October 15th (Cork dates are October 1st and 22nd).  

The first Saturday will be devoted to getting you up and  running; the second will be “show and tell”, troubleshooting and a workshop on setting up local support for each other.

Call to register today at your local education centre
:Limerick:   061-585060 Ext 3 (October 1st and Oct 15th)
Tralee: 066-7195000 (October 1st and Oct 15th)
Dublin West:  01-4528000 (October 1st and Oct 15th)
Carrick-on-Shannon: 071-9620383 (October 1st and Oct 15th)
Sligo: 071-9138700 (October 1st and Oct 15th)
Waterford: 051-311000 (October 1st and Oct 15th)
Cork: 021-4255600 (October 1st and Oct 22nd)

All courses start at 9:30am and finish at 3:30pmMore info on the course is available online at  http://www.scratch.ie/content/scratch-courses-teachers

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  1. Yo Yo you Michelle
    Thanks for that info, but what is edchatie? Is it a radio or TV programme bearing in mind we can't get RTE here in the Isle of Man.


  2. Yo Xaiver,

    Well it is great to get both sides of the ICT world. You should check out #edchatie on Mondays at 8.30, teachers or those interested in educaiton gather to talk about education.



  3. You have written a most informative post and if I had any interest in educational software like this your article would definitely entice me to check it out.If I had my way I would abolish all use of computers in schools. Children already spend far too much time in iPods, Ipads, X-Boxes, cell phones, FaceBook etc and was is lacking in schools is the old fashioned way of learning and interacting without the need for an electronic screen. I actually developed Maths Software to teach the basics of Primary School Maths and I initially created the software so that my own children would master what they needed regardless of the teachers they had. As a result Each of my children excels at maths and it has never been a problem. I tried marketing the product to schools here but because it was not gimmicky enough and lacked the bells and whistles associated with most commercial software it just did not sell. I am telling you this so you realise that my initial remarks about computer software come from someone who knows something about it and I am not just ranting and raving for the sake of it LOL!
    Reading your blog post does me a power of good and sets me up for the day so keep them coming girl!


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