Twitter Rules

This is a guest post I wrote for the fabulous Irish writer-in-training, Ellen Brickley.

For more on help Twitter help you part one and part two.

There I was, new to Twitter, getting blog hits on my new blog and loving it. Apart from two kinda disturbing facts.
(1). I was getting very strange DMs from men.
(2). Worst of all, people were calling me “nice.”

 Now, if you know me IRL, you will know that I am not “nice”, I don’t do nice. I like to hear interesting stories, be entertained, have a laugh, be quiet when it suits me, spread my little bit of wisdom, listen to my friends when they need it. None of this is being nice but being a good person. Treat others as you would like to be treated, that’s my philosophy. The “nice” thing was ticking me off. I made a decision to be helpful but no longer to add smileys, to give people links to helpful sites and not spoon feed them, I even stopped following new people, especially men! (I am back to following people now!)

But it made me wonder, was I doing something to encourage all of this strange behaviour? Was I encouraging guys to be too familiar, people thinking it was OK to pester me into favours…..was I being too “nice”?

I started to …………………….READ MORE HERE

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