Time matters

I wrote this for Ashley Nixon’s blog, she is a third level student from the U.S.A. Her blog is cool and fun.

She also did a guest post on my blog here.

Here is an extract from what I wrote form her blog: 

“I wish it was Friday,” this was my constant wish when I was in school. Then, when I was in college it was; “I wish it was rag week* already.” In my twenties it changed as my friends got engaged, I would wish on their engagement rings; “I wish I was grown up enough to get married.” Before I knew it I was in my thirties, working in a job I detested, in a city I hated, with people I would not even break bread wishing; “I wish I could retire.”

My life – up to a few months ago – was spent with me was wishing it away. Of course the TV helped. At the end of a school, college, work day I would numb it all by watching some TV. Until one day….I was studying for my post graduate Irish exam and something about the language made my brain click. I started to…………..READ MORE HERE

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  1. Lads thank you all so much, I love getting comments.

    Cheers, that means a lot.

    You Sir, rock! I love your comments and your blog. I was telling Mr. King about something I saw on your blog and am on my way there now.

    Hi 120s,
    Cheers, that means so much as I love your blog and the content you write about.



  2. 120 Socks says:

    Wishing your life away, hmmm, for the most part, I wish I had more time, it all rushes in too fast – but great post! 🙂


  3. I love how naturally you write and about things that are relevant to us all. Yes, you are absolutely right about wishing our lives away and I was definitely guilty of that in my younger years. I am in my fifties now and don't know where all the years have gone. Like you I have found a creative outlet in writing which is something I had never thought about up until Christmas last year and now here I am blogging on a daily basis from a number of sites including the one that is closest to my heart which is my newly created Spirit Whisperer website.

    There are however only two writers I have found interesting enough to subscribe to their blog and you were the first. The other one is Aleta Edwards who is a psychologist in USA but unlike all the others I have read she, like you, is down to earth and writes from the heart. Thank you Michelle.


  4. jazzygal says:

    Lovely post! Just read it over at Ashley's blog and left a comment.

    Thanks for visiting mine and commenting. Much appreciated 🙂

    xx Jazzy


  5. Hi Krystal,
    Thanks, Ashleys blog is cool and she is in the States, like you!

    Hi Ashley,
    Cheers, was fab to get to post it on your blog.



  6. Ashley Nixon says:

    I loved this post!!


  7. Krystal Wade says:

    Going to read the rest…


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