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This was supposed to be a guest post for 2 other blogs, but it took them too long to get back to me (am very impatient IRL) and it’s too good for someone elses blog anyway.
This is for all of my family; Mahers, Moloneys, Phelans, Coynes, Thomsons, Kearney, Hennessys, Floods, and Kings.
~                  ~                 ~                     ~                       ~                           ~                         ~
Mom and the older ones got to go on the “graveyard
run.” I don’t know why she is so bothered with dad’s dead parents. He’s not, he
is happier out in the fields telling us stories of “when I was young.”
After helping with the farm work we get to go on a surprise. And by helping I
mean, standing on top of the old Thrasher and singing “six little ducks that I
once knew.” Hey, I can’t help it if I have allergies to almost everything,
including work!
My bros and sisters, and mom.
We all pile into the grey station wagon and splutter
to the surprise. We stop at the nearest shop; Kitty’s. She sells “the bear necessities,”
get it…after the song. I hope that when you are old and reading this you will
remember. Dad buys a bag of sweets, fires up the spluttering monster we call
our car and off we go.
We argue about who gets the first sweet, us younger
ones “have little to be worrying about,” we are informed by dad as he pulls
into the woods. We run wild, dashing through trees, digging up dirt and crawling
under the large exposed roots. We eat sweets and talk with our mouths full. We
walk, talk and run for at least an hour. Rain! No not rain…more like lolly
pops of rain suddenly thunder down. The woods are known to us now so we all
dash to our new shelters. I opt for roots, the others hop around to leaf cover
and dad stand in the middle watching where we are and not hiding from the rain.
Only when it stops do we reappear, to the car – we
say. The slow realisation dries our enthusiasm: we don’t know the way to the
car park. They fight, analyse the sun, determine wind direction and guess the
way North. I watch. I reach for my sweets in my pocket and my hand draws an
empty fist. My hand thumps my head…my pocket has a rip. As quick as lightning
I roar: “my sweets, my sweets are gone.” They ignore me.
 A huge and
loud “ahhhooouuhh” escapes from my mouth, “we can follow my sweets to the car.”
“Don’t worry Daddy, I will get us home.” He smiles at me, grabs my hand and
throws me up on his back, turns to the others and says; “we have found our
North, let’s go.” Seizing the moment I take the last sweet he has chosen to
give me, I star at the other kids, slowly chew it, point to myself and then
raise my index finger to a chorus of “ah sure, let her think what she wants!”
~                     ~                       ~                     ~                           ~                                  ~
Thanks for always letting me think what I want. x

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Hello Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment,k I think might know to know where you are, LOL!!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, what a beautiful looking family! all so glamorous! especially lady in the pink dress!


  3. Hi Doralynn,

    How is my fave blogger and writer keeping? Thank you so much for your fab comment.

    I would love to have a peep at that graveyard…I mean they dress up there…very cool!

    Yeah, that was a cool memory, got lots more…but I only write 'em when the mood strikes. Saving the best ones for the book!!



  4. “graveyard run.” – how funny. I live about four blocks from a cemetery, and we just had a 'graveyard run'. It's an historical cemetery, so the tour guides dress in 1800 garb and enacts bits of history.

    I loved Bear Necessities! I can hear it in my head now.

    Great post… much to love here – “spluttering monster we call our car” ha!

    lolly pops of rain suddenly thunder down – what a wonderful description!

    Man, I'd be upset if my sweets were gone too! Especially at that age! But how lucky that was and clever to have realized that they could guide you back to your spluttering monster.

    What a priceless family memory that one is.


  5. Michelle says:

    Hi Maria,

    What a wonderful comment. Thank you so much.



  6. Anonymous says:

    I want a family like that! What a good story, beautifully told.



  7. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful family and such nice memories.



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