My Guest Blog for Krystal Wade

American Memories

Growing up on a farm near Cashel, Co. Tipperary in
the 80s was kinda boring. At least that is what we thought. We lived for the
summers, the chance of a fine day, Sunday drives, walks on the beach but the
main thing we hoped for was tourists.

Every summer we would see the
Americans walk around the town with a cool swagger. We could spot them a mile
away, they wore cream slacks (which they called pants), they wore baseball hats
and sun glasses (no-one in Ireland ever wore sun glasses in the 80s unless they
were famous.) The Yanks were cool, their accents – drawn out with swagger, their
wallets…………………read the rest of it HERE

4 responses to “My Guest Blog for Krystal Wade”

  1. Oh be da hokey! I lived in the US for a while and being Irish with red (red!!) hair, I was forever being told I had green eyes. I don't. My eyes are blue. Always have been; always will be. “No way,” insisted the Americans. “You've got red hair, your Irish, you gotta have green eyes.” Well, if you say so.


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