I was asked by a pupil in 3rd class if peer pressure ever stops….took me ten silent minuets to admit that it gets worse as we age. The stakes get higher. I told her to learn about your body; healthy eating and most importantly learn to love yourself as there are businesses that prey on our weaknesses. The below story was inspired by this incident.

‘Hi honey, how are you? Oh, me I’m grand….here let me take your coat….am Oh My God…where is the rest of you? What’s that you say? You are on a health kick, really? Cause so am I and I am still a normal size 12. Girlfriend…I cannot sit here and watch you shrink away to half of your original size. AGAIN! You know, the last time this happened you jumped up 5 dress sizes in 7 months.

So, here we are again…….

Yes, yes, I know you are turning 30 this month, yes, of course I know it’s your best friend’s wedding next month. But, let me pose you one question. Why can’t you find happiness at the end of a, wholemeal goodness, packed cookie jar like everyone else. Hey, I have an idea, let’s have a small bowl of pasta and we will then go for a jog in a few hours. No! Why “no”? What’s that…exercising only increases muscles and you want to be lean? For ducks sake! Do you not know anything? You need muscle to burn calories; so the more muscle you have the better. And of course it’s better for your body, your posture too.

Well, if you won’t have the pasta, then I will. I need my strength, after the shock of seeing you. Will you have some fruit or vegetables, at least? What….another no? Who told you that? Yes, they do have natural sugar and even calories but you DO need them. What is that pill you are popping? Ha! Another suppressant, suppose that will suppress your personality too. Remember last time?  You were too tired to do anything, so you looked skinny underneath your duvet. Three years ago – almost to the day.

What I would like to know is; who told you that you have to be this skinny? I am healthy, I exercise, I enjoy healthy food, and I drink in moderation…..don’t you? No Hun….taking suppressants with multi vitamins; don’t count. You are a sad little girl really, you need to inform yourself. Google healthy heating, sort yourself out. Like, you are following the advice of magazines, TV shows and ignorant people who make money out of the “Skinny Industry.” You know that it’s mainly men who design our clothes; you know that they like skinny boyish bodies; you know that’s not normal? I can’t do this anymore; I can’t sit here and watch you be manipulated, your weight bouncing according to trends.

I am going to eat my bowl of pasta, I may not be emotionally strong for the two of us but I sure can be physically strong for us.

Unfortunately, I have seen women of all ages suffer for a lack of knowledge in relation to healthy eating and exercise. I have even seen grown women, eat nothing but weight watchers meals and then finish them off with a can of diet coke and then an hour later sit with her slender tone belt on her tummy for the night. She has since gotten teeth removed as they were so unhealthy and has gotten a hernia as her tummy is messed up for constant use of the belt.

What happened to getting your 5 a day, eating a salad for lunch, meat and veg for dinner and a cuppa with a light snack for supper?

By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

4 replies on “Thinner”

Great post. This ideal is ridiculous… these are the same people who praise diversity… yet they want everyone to look the same. It makes no sense to me. I left a “Liebster” award for you at my blog, if you're interested. Doralynn


Hi Loiamouse,

It is so sad, to be a woman with a natural woman's shape and yet to find no clothes that fit you, there are no room for boobs!

I find it even sadder that despite age…weight is still a huge issue. Everyone wants to be as skinny as they can be.


The fact that the fashion industry designs for models that are shaped like teenaged boys rather than adult women is disturbing. If young women don't see anyone who resembles themselves being shown as the “ideal,” then it's not surprising that there are so many body image issues.


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