Hi all, I was lucky enough to go to the launch of Denies Deegan’s book launch, it was the first ever book launch and I was covering it for writing.ie. It was more of a party, Denise mingled, chatted, hugged and put tights on her head (but that’s another story). I like Denise, she is immediately likable, in a genuine way.
The book store was packed with peeps of all ages, like, for real, you don’t have to be a YA to read a YA book. I love her YA book. They are funny, cool and I kinda get to be a cool teenager as I read them. There were loads of writers there, I know a rake of ’em from Twitter. Sure, I does be aces at da aould networking. Or as my brother, Michael, says; “at getting what she wants.” Boys are, like, super annoying and mainly smelly. Oh God….I am becoming a YA. I like it!!!

Anyway, the below is a taster of what I wrote for writing.ie, defo check out the rest of it on their site – listed below.
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Denise signing my book

YA (young adult) books are for everyone, we have heard that a lot. But never has it been so true in the case of Denise Deegan’s; Butterfly trilogy. Her latest book in the Butterfly trilogy; And for Your Information, was launched in Dubray Book in Dublin last night. Denise also has many adult fiction works to her credit and her short stories and articles appeared in publications as diverse as Moments, Irish Independent, Mum’s the word to The Irish Times.

At 6.00pm the Dubray book shopcame alive as a sea of kids, teens and adults swept in to join in the celebrations of this book launch, or in Denise’s words “book launch party.” Her books are more contemporary than The Water Babies and she has captured the beauty and extremes of the current 90210 teenage lifestyle in an emotive and endearing way.
As one middle aged fan said, “Reading her book
was like being 16 again, only this time I was so much cooler.” She did not want
to be identified as her teenage son would be mortified of her publicly saying
she reads YA but she was adamant that she would not miss the chance to meet
Denise and get the latest Butterfly book. As
Maria Duffy,
Irish writer, said “I wouldn’t normally read the YA books
that my children read but because Roisin, my daughter, was raving about it so
much, I thought I’d have a read of ‘And By The Way’. I can honestly say I was
hooked straight away.” That seemed to be the general consensus of the room.
Barbara Scully and Maria Duffy

The book launch, sorry, book
party, was a celebration of teenage life. Even before getting to the book shop
you could hear excited voices, the shop window was decorated with Denise’s book
and we were even greeted with wine, soda and butterfly sweets. It would be
difficult not to enjoy yourself here. Writer, Hazel
even wore a butterfly top in support of the trilogy. Hazel said,
“it is great to see so many people here of all ages, enjoying these books.”

In an interview with Denise, she
said that when writes she says that the “characters
muscled their way into my head and wouldn’t leave,” This is backed up by Anna
McKeever, teenage fan, “Denise really gets it, she gets what it’s like to be
a teenager in Dublin and our teenage mind….
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Some moo pics and a vid!
Denise Deegan and Hazel Gaynor
Ciara Doorley and TracyClifford


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  1. mich says:

    Hi Louise,

    It was a great night, so much fun and the best part is that we all felt like kids again!


  2. 120 Socks says:

    Looks brilliant and well done to all!


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