Hats and Inspiration

I would like to welcome  Krystal Wade to my blog, today she will share how she manages to work, be a mom, a writer and a blogger. She is a member of organized hitchhiking for eleven years, her 50 mile commute  gives her plenty of time to zone out and think about characters in full, brilliant details. She lives just outside Washington, D.C with her husband and three children.
I wear many hats. Mother, Wife, Employee, Writer—these are just a few, but they are the most important. There are times when I’m not sure which one to wear, or times I have many on at once.
Writer—the hat which defines me—is often the one that gets pushed to the side. I try to make time for it, but the Mother, Wife and Employee hats get jealous. They scream at me to take the Writer and shove it in the back of a closet to collect dust—not because they don’t care, but because there are so many things to care about.
When I sit down to work on one of my many novels, Mother hat cries to me, “But you haven’t bathed your daughters—and don’t tell me they can wait another day. Have you smelled them?”
Writer cringes and falls off my head, replaced by the aggravated Mother. While the girls soak in the tub and I dream of the next lines I’ll write once finished rinsing the suds, Wife hat yells at me, “Don’t think of those nasty monsters from your book while your husband is down there waiting to spend time with you.”
I sigh and shove Writer in my pocket, dry and dress the girls, then go sit next to my husband on the couch for a few minutes. He’ll glance at me like I’m crazy; he knows how bad I like to put Writer on my head.
After not enough time wearing the Wife hat, I pull Writer back out and get to work—only to be interrupted by the Mother/Wife combo with a harrumph.
“Did you see that ring around the tub while you were bathing the girls? When’s the last time you used Clorox? And the laundry, don’t even get me started. Oh, and don’t forget to clean the stainless steel—warned you that stuff was a pain in the ass!”
I hate the Mother/Wife combo!
Closing my laptop, I rush a load of laundry in, clean the ring around the tub, wipe down that annoying stainless steel and then return to writing.
Sometime I’m amazed I’ve finished a novel. Was that really me? I don’t even know where I find time to come up with the ideas. People always ask where I get my inspiration from, and my response is, “On my fifty mile commute to work.” Yes, the Employee hat gives me the most inspiration. The very thing I’d love to give up so I can spend more time wearing the Mother and Wife hats.
At times I worry if I ever become a famous published author, I’ll have to keep the Employee hat on just so I can come up with new ideas. But then I laugh, I’d have to be published first.

For more information about Krystal check out: her funny Blog, read her cool Twitter and like her on Facebook

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  1. Thank you Krystal for explaining I understand now.


  2. Hi Xavier,

    I really admire all of you guys, having kids, working and still finding time to write.

    I agree with you, you are thinking of the long game, I can really see you at home with your kids and writing your books…complaining about the publishers or new deadlines. Go girl!


  3. Krystal Wade says:

    Thanks, Louise. It's tough, but I'm a fighter. 🙂


  4. Krystal Wade says:

    Aww, Xavier, the post is not supposed to make you sad. It's supposed to be comical. Trust me, Mother and Wife are my top hats. I write because I want to be home with my kids–I want to make a career out of my words. Currently I live 50 miles away from my job. I have to get up really early in the morning, leave my kids with my MIL and let strangers into my car so my trip takes 1.5 hours instead of 4. If writer hat succeeds, I can commute from my bedroom to my family room, my kids can stay home with me and I can write while they are at school or napping or in bed for the night. It's tough to manage wants and desires for all hats into one person, but I think that's more what I'm trying to point out here.


  5. 120 Socks says:

    I know just how you feel Krystal – I think every wife, mother, employee, writer or whatever it is which keeps your creative soul going, feels the same. I admire you, life's complicated, but you still go for it! Hats off to one of my fav tweets! X


  6. I am so glad I subscribe to your blog Michelle and I look forward to my daily notification. I am also glad that you share your blog with very interesting people. The variety is definitely a key ingredient to your success. I have begun to follow your example and am creating my own space where I can express myself and also share it with people whose writing I enjoy.

    I also feel sad by what Krystal has written because as a father of four children who are nearly all grown up now I wish I had given them and my wife more quality time instead of working so hard. I can't get those years back and someday Krystal will want to put the Mother hat back on but she will not be able to find it.


  7. Krystal Wade says:

    Shhh, Derek, don't tell my OCD secrets!


  8. Derek Flynn says:

    Hilarious post, Krystal. “Have you smelled them”? Ha ha! Except knowing you, I know it would never reach such depths. You forgot to mention the OCD Cleaning Hat 😉


  9. Krystal Wade says:

    OMG, Charlie, I just died. That was better than my post! 🙂

    Thanks for letting me be here, Michelle!


  10. Hi Charlie,
    Many thanks for your comment.

    Hi K,
    THanks for the cool blog post, realy enjoyed reading it.



  11. Hi Krystal & Hey there Michelle –

    KW, I've enjoyed reading every story you've written. I have also observed you wearing many hats from our interaction on social media; Pain in the Butt hat, Aggravated Assaulter hat, Smart Ass hat, compassionate hat, and of course the “I have nothing pressing to do at the moment except bug Charlie hat”. So nice of you to notice, lol. Good writing here. 🙂


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