Legend of the seeker

Hi all,
This is a guest post written by Babs Moore, she is an avid fan of “Legend of the Seeker.” So I wanted to share her interest with you.
This short-lived TV series is based on Terry Goodkinds Sword of Truth novels of which there are 11 in total. They are also sometimes known as “Richard & Kahlan” novels.
Richard is our hero; he is a simple woods guide from Hartland a place where there is no magic. Kahlan is our co-heroine, she is from The Midlands and a place where magic flourishes, and she is also a Confessor and therein is destined to live a lonely life as Confessors are feared because of their powers.

Confessors are a race of women sworn to find the truth and are the justice or peacekeepers of the Midlands, their decisions are final and binding and once they unleash their power on you, you lose your free will and you’re only thought is how to please your mistress.
Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season
Our story begins when Kahlan is on her mission to find the Seeker and help him defeat the evil tyrant that has threatened to wipe out all Confessors and be supreme ruler of all territories. Richard sees her while she is on the run and goes to help – Richard has no idea who or what she is and not once the danger is passed they go their separate ways. She eventually finds the Wizard who is the only one allowed to “name” a Seeker – Zedd, introduces her to Richard and proceeds to explain the legend of the Seeker. A seeker is a hero who arises in a time of great trouble and is a champion of the people; he is aided by the Sword of Truth which though he is only one man helps him fight with the strength of many and all the Seekers who have gone before him.
 Zedd becomes a mentor to Richard and in course to us the reader as he guides Richard and Kahlan on their perilous quest to defeat Darken Rahl and save the world from evil, we learn that Wizards First Rule (the title of the 1st book!) is that people will believe a lie because they think it MIGHT be true or because they WANT it to be true, we learn that Passion rules reason and that the greatest harm can come from the best intentions! we meet lots of interesting characters along their quest but what is amazing about these two is that once you start reading the books OR even watching the series, you feel like they are your best friends and you care what happens to them.
The fan website, where we keep each other informed; www.saveourseeker.com

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  1. Hi there Finn,

    And welcome back! thanks for your comment, I bet in no time you will have your own blog. Thanks for your comment.

    I love to share randome things here, life is too dull to bang on about the same ding dong…so I am delighted to see another band member!



  2. Anonymous says:


    I was late getting into this show and am gutted it is now over, we really do have to pull together to bring it back.



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