Guest post with Derek Flynn

Louise Philips
Derek asked me to do a guest post on his deadly blog. As I do a bit of interviewing for he asked me to do an interview, and who better than 120scoks, aka Louise Philips.
“20Socks,how did she come up with that strange name,” I hear you ask. Well you gotta read her interview to find out. PS it’s not for the faint hearted! I nearly died when I found out!!!
Now, I will admit it, I was hard pushed for time so I did not get the time to change her interview from a Q&A into a feature article for his blog, not that it matters….her answers are cool, madly interesting and informative.
GO go go go make some coffee (the nice stuff no cheap stuff for you) grab a cookie, and find out how this  Dublin Writer, with three children balances her family life, work life and her writing life, while tweeting and blogging. She has just finished the first draft of her novel, a psychological crime thriller with a paranormal twist, and is editing like crazy. READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE ON THIS: blog

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