Top 5 tips for blogging and SEO

1. Getting me some link backs!

The best way to do this is to comment on other people’s blogs, it is that simple. I love to see comments on my blog and I love to comment on the blogs I like, its win – win! When you write a comment ensure that you select the Name/URL option and write your web address in there. I have 91 yahoo back links (see here ) PS, you wanna get linkbacks on a site that is  ranked #2,536,178 in the world? Well then comment on my blog, instead of using your google acc, use the open ID and put in your blog or website address.

2. Guest posts

When it comes to your Google page rank you must never copy content. I have been guilty of this. Me!! Yes and the tragic thing I was stealing my own content from another site. I do a bit of writing for and I post half of it here, I should have just posted my own summary and then give the links. Well, I hope that you can learn from me. My Google ranking (1 out of 10) would probably have been higher if I had only know about this sooner. I fell like Jedward might when they realised the state of Irish jobs, NAMA and their Fantasy football have failed!

3. In time you will see the benifits of Keywords*

Yeap, keywords are a necessary evil, just like Spiderman 3. Keep your Richard Gere (local slang for eyes) out for keywords. You need to be subtle about using them. Google do not take kindly to the misuse of keywords. You could find yourself in a Googfellas move, if you are not careful! So watch the throne and check out these sites for keywords.

4. Submitting your blog to search engines

If you add your URL in Yahoo, so submit your site to yahoo ,and dig while you’re at it. These will appear in their other search sites like AlltheWeb and AltaVista. AOL Search uses the data by Google. So come on already and submit your site to Googlehere

5. Here are a few more search engines to submit your site to:

Some of these may ask you to verify using a MetaTag, you just copy the line of code, read the instructions, go to your blogger, dashboard, design, Edit HTML, paste it in there (it is normally meant to go in the HEAD tag, after you read instructions go to blogger and you can do a search for  “<head “, go back to the site and click verify. Here is a handy site.

Do you like my logo, I designed it myself! This is the part I love about blogging, I can teach anyone, anywhere in the world!

Here are more to submit to, but be warned use another email account address as you may get a lot of rubbish emails!

Right I’m off to look at my pictures of the Galway races and tweet David Norris.*  I hope you guys have fun, and remember ~ if no one reads your blog then it does not exist!

*I hope I was subtle!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Xavier,

    Wow, thank you so much for your comment. I am glad I can be of some help. I have a LOT more tips on SM, blogging, stats, ICT so pop back!



  2. Your name sounds Irish and that attracted me in the first instance to your blog. I love your style of writing. You are very informative but at the same time engaging and credible. I think this is a special gift some writers have and you definitely have it. I can see myself regularly visiting your blog and thank you for the tips in this post.


  3. 120 Socks says:

    Thanks Michelle – I have it in favs – so will study better later – Will RT! Luv d logo btw!


  4. Michelle where do u get ur time & energy from, ur like superwoman!
    Loads of helpful tips here I will Defintetly use. Ur a great inspiration for all the lazy people ie ME lol. Thank you for sharing x


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