The Big Bang Theory

As most of you know, I am doing a creative writing course in TV treatmeants. My first assignment for Caren Kennydy,  was to write a summary of my favorite TV show in under 500 words. I was not allowed to use any words ending in ‘ly,’ the word ‘very’ and had to edit till it hurt. Well here it is:
Season 4 – Episode 24 finale. The Roommate Transmogrification
While eating dinner the gang discuss what most nerds are concerned about….Lenard’s butt! With Penny making the most comments, the boys enjoy the interplay between the exe (Penny) and the new one (Priya). Bernie arrives and tells the gang she got her PhD and a new “butt-load” paying job, Penny delights in pointing out to Wolowitz he knows a lot of doctors!
That night in Raj’s apartment; inaccurate actions are being embedded into his memory mattresses-so he fleas. Wolowitz can put him up, but his horny mother wants to play doctor. He must go where no man wants to go – Sheldon’s apartment. Amy enables Sheldon to touch himself with something blunt, while her magnificent brain, brings him pleasure. Raj interrupts this, signs his life away and must do unnatural things with “Mouthy Mona” to be allowed to stay the night. After his blood work comes back clean he is a new temporary flatmate. Priya and Lenard fight over the future of their relationship after he moves in with her.

Bernie and Wolowitz

Wolowitz does not delight in the “Trophy Husband” title and is left feeling limp when Bernie informs him of her research area in the new job.

Raj introduces Sheldon to the “dining experience” and Penny, upon hearing   “PennyGetYouOwnWifi” stays for dinner. Red wine numbs the diners of Sheldon’s talk  leaving them feeling Homo Erectus. Penny admits her true feelings but her actions get in the way, Raj is in for some night, Wolowitz is a Moaning Mona, Lenard is left stunned and Sheldon is left asking “What does it look like???”

Penny, Sheldon and Raj; “dinning”
Waiting for feedback was scary, this was my first attempt at anything like that, but Caren Kennydy had given me such great advice and her course is laid out so well that naturally I did well,  TV treatmeants rock!!

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  1. 120 Socks says:

    I think setting restrictions, can teach us all a lot about editing – tightening sentences, avoiding too many adjectives, adverbs, and you discover that your work is better for it. Well done you, and well done Caren!


  2. Great work Michelle! Having parameters like you did totally stretches your abilities and expands your creativity as a writer.

    On another note, I fixed my Wake-Up work and am about to post a bunch more!


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