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A green screen, black text, random messages from a spy and a frantic mission for help, this is how my favorite movie opens: “Jumping Jack Flash.” This movie got bad reviews; but when you are a farmers kids in the Golden Vale, Co. Tipperary, it gives you an insight into the power of computers and more importantly the fun of computers.


So here I am, many years later, with a blog, twitter, Facebook fan page, Hootsuite and LinkedIn accounts; at a Social Media class.


I look around and realise that the people here are business owners, thankfully I missed the introduction part, like, what would I have said….”oh I am a new teacher, who has delusions that she might write a book.”  Morto! But, how bad? I mean, now that I interview writers for I have found that the one thing they have in common is that they all started with a dream. They are curious people, they need to know what make characters tick, and of course they love the dilemmas they write about.


So, I like learning, I like sharing what I learn, I love ICT and of course I adore SM. Where was this course when I started my SM journey! We cover Facebook fan pages, twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube channels.


So let’s get jumping, Jack style:
Find out who your target audience is,



  • Set your personal profile to private, you don’t want people seeing your personal info.
  • Set up a Facebook page for your brand, do not use a personal profile. It looks unprofessional, no-one wants to share their private data with you and you can only have 5,000 friends so – PAGE it!
  • HR Google you, they will read your Facebook account, so keep it private and be careful what you put on it.
  • If you do competitions on your page, you must use a third party, (like North Social, cheapest one). Facebook will shut down your page if you do not use a third party.
  • The more engagement you have on your Facebook page the higher your “edge rank.” It is important not to try to sell all the time, you are tyring to build your brand.



  • Again, find out who your target audience is and keep it relevant.
  • Get a grip and get a profile picture, not some random one; YOU, use a relevant avatar.
  •  Fill in your bio, add a location.
  • You want your tweet to spread, so make it relevant and cool.
  • Don’t tell the world that you are going on holidays and your house will be free for buglers.
  • Add location if you are at a meeting or promoting you. If you were at your book signing, then add the location.
  • Use a hastag.



  • Some of you may have seen the tweets that I send out during the night. I use schedule tweets in Hootsuite, mainly because I just like to connect with the US, Asia and Australia. And, of course, it means I get blog hits while I sleep!



  • Join groups that are relevant to you make your account 3-D by adding your blog feed, your twitter account, fill out your profile and even start a group. Just get involved!


There was so much more, so many fantastic tips and loads of stuff that this SM addict had no clue about. I plan on executing my new SM plan tonight, so my advice, follow Sandra Hennessy read her blog and do a course in Social Media!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:


    I am new to blogging and was delighted when I saw your latest post.

    I will try to follow your advice.



  2. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the comment. Let me know when you have your new post up.



  3. Interesting post Michelle. You are quite the business woman on top of being a teacher! I can't decide what my real goals are for my blog. Is it just for fun to share my life with others or do I want to build a community of followers that learn from each other?

    I'm working on a post right now about some things I have been developing for my classroom. You will have to check it out and tell me what you think when I figure out how to embed a file… =)

    Have a great day!


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