As many of you know by now; I have been lucky enough to study TV treatment writing with Caren Kennedy. It lead to me doing a lot more writing. It also lead to one of my blog posts being picked up by the most amazing site for writers –
Well they enjoyed it so much they have asked me if I would like the opportunity to interview writers for their fantastic site. Being a newly qualified teacher who teaches through questioning (like any good fan of Socrates would do) of course jumped at this amazing chance.
So – no matter what your profession is, everyone should do some sort of creative writing, it helps you articulate eloquently, you have a cool new hobby, it makes you read more, you get to meet interesting writers, it makes you more daring – if you want to do a post about art (as I did here) it makes you bold enough to contact artists and say “hey, I blog, it’s kinda cool….and if your cool…I might just let you do a guest blog”
I, of course, will blog as normal here.
Walk tall and dream big

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  1. Hi BookMystress,

    Thanks for your comment, much appriciated.

    Hi Tattoodevil,
    Thanks doll, I just got sick of pretending to care about things I didnt care about but yet not know what I cared about!

    Writing is a great hobby or career.



  2. Good advice Michelle never too late to chase ur dreams or just start a new hobby. You r a great inspiration to the rest of us 🙂


  3. Awesome!! i started out as a writer, (unpublished atm) and now i blog books and writing 🙂 great post!!!!


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