Stories, fables and tails’

Hi all,
I would like to welcome Lucy Phelan as my guest blogger.
Lucy is pretty cool, she; paints, teaches and pretty much rocks!
Her show opens in the Tipperary Excel Centre – on August 5th at 19.00. It will run untill August 30th at the hours of 10.00 to 17.00
‘Stories, fables and tails’ at The Tipperary Excel Centre in August is my first solo show, and I am very excited at the prospect of seeing ALL the pieces hang together for the very first time. It has been an exciting journey sometimes peppered with panic and the odd low moment of frustration and doubt.
 I have drawn pictures ever since I can remember. As a child the sight of a new sketchbook and pencils would fill me with happiness and even now the smell and sight of a new box of crayons will fill me with a nostalgia; Christmas in a box. Funnily enough I now use a lot of oil bar (big sophisticated adult crayons) in my drawings along with things like varnish and oil paint. These smell less like Christmas and I need to have all the windows open when I am working.
Work in progress

 I studied Printmaking in college, Crawford, and the work tends to draw from the freedom of this medium.  I mix drawing and digital images together as I think that a drawing can sometimes be more real and more honest than a photograph and conversely a photograph can have all of its reality removed. I am interested in the various ways we make marks and how we read and interpreted them.

I love using images to tell stories and I use a lot of animal imagery in my work. I make big storybook pages often with text. Animals have always played a huge part in our myths, legends and religious beliefs. Since we have lived in caves we have used animals to tell stories, give warnings and make magic; from Red Riding Hood and her ill fated granny to Apocalyptic end times. We also use animal behaviour to describe human conditions: as strong as a horse, as sick as a dog, as stubborn as a mule and no man would ever want to be called an old goat. Our ability to understand animal iconography and symbolism is as innate as our subconscious.

I teach on the Art/Craft/Design course at Colaiste Stiofain Naofa in Cork and I love teaching. It is wonderful to assist people, who have a need to express themselves visually, build skills and begin to develop their passion into a career. I was a bit blown away with Michelle’s post about Caren Kennedy saying in relation to teaching; “those who can have a duty to teach” I couldn’t agree more!
I want to thank Michelle big time for letting me chat to you on her site. I am taking her  good advice and starting my own page, until then I am contactable at  and if you want to look at the work  though the images on the site are in shocking need of updating.
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:


    Thank you all. I am new to the world of social media. It was through knowing Michelle that I was tempted to write this.

    Thank you.


  2. Derek Flynn says:

    Lucy, your work looks great. I love the idea of 'big storybook pages with text' and the fact that you incorporate myths into your work. I'm a big fan of ancient myths. I hope to try to get to see your work at some stage in August.


  3. I love that line too, Christmas in a box. The smell of hope; what you could learn from your present. I loved getting presents of art, walkie-talkies and fancy note books.



  4. 120 Socks says:

    Loved this post – the idea of christmas in a box is very similar to how I feel when I get a new book, as if a new adventure is opening up for me. Thanks Michelle & Lucy If u are ever showing your work nearer Dublin please let me know @


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