How a fitter became a Turtle

I would like to welcome my FIRST guest blog post, he is an intriguing guy, read on and enjoy
The name is Andru Quinn, I packed in the day job, as a fitter, installed Linux have programming ever since. I started the site InfoTurtle to show tips and teach about computing while promoting Irish based events. As time went on I decided to take news under my wing too.
Some pieces I write about teach me computer aspects I wouldn’t have known about! I will read about something, and then create my own version (so as its not copyright infringement) and it helps both me and my readers. I leapt at the idea of doing a guest post here to I want to share how fun and curiosity have kept me learning.
I will be studding in University of Limerick, I picked the BoS in computer systems, maybe someday |I will become a Dr. and teach operating systems, who knows? UL just seemed to have the course that appealed to me most and UL is a fine place to learn, so why not aim high and you may come out on top.
In computing it may not always be about who’s smarter, but who has more patience. I’ve spent many long hours Googling serial numbers and reading through forums for clues that can solve my computer problems. We all have Google, it’s a matter of using it! As I said earlier, after I left my job as a fitter, the world of computers changed for me, and then I wanted to be the guy on the forums solving the problems for people, now I’ll be attending UL with the hopes of stretching these ideas even further.
I have always been a tech head, but now that I look back on it, I wasn’t half the techie I thought I was. I have read four types of books in the last 2 years, Maths, Physics, Programming and Poker. Mostly programming, reading books about C# or use of bluetooth with Java. I never seem to read books with stories in them. But in the last two years, the wealth of knowledge I have learned, for free too, I can’t understand why I didn’t do it before and would advise anyone with a passion for anything to learn everything you can about it, and pass it on to everyone you can. It’s the way freedom of knowledge should be.
Michelle, I’d like to say a missive thanks for you interest in the site and a huge well done in yours. Your site is every thing I encourage people to do and your support to other site is of that to be admired!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. mich says:

    Yo Derek,

    Thanks you so much for your comment. I am sure that Andru will do great in Ul, we had better watch out for his future successes!



  2. Hi Rguanlao46,

    Thanks, he is a cool guy and it was great to be able to share his story.



  3. derekflynn says:

    Hi Andru. I think it's brilliant that you're passing on the knowledge you've accumulated to other people. And I must say, I admire you, with the programming and the physics books. Don't think I could manage it. Good luck with your course.


  4. rguanlao46 says:

    Amazing story. Nice gesture Michelle for posting this in your site.


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