Carren Kennedy Teaches.

Caren Kennedy
I found Caren Kennedy on Twitter. I was able to suss her out. I tweeted her once saying she had a cool profile picture, she zapped backed “That was taken by my soon to be ex-husband, I was looking at him thinking how the hell did I get here.”  Authentic –tick!
I read her web site and learnt she wrote and sold her TV treatments to Warner Brothers. Winner –tick!

She is now a guest blogger on my favourite writing site. Her first post was how she turned a real life experience into a TV treatment. Unlike some bloggers who think this medium is for therapy and puke their rants on us poor readers, Caren was able to use her life experience and actually make it interesting and dare I say it entertaining. Talented – tick!
I have been looking to do some sort of creative writing course for a long time. But I struggled to find “The One.”  I’m a Generation Y, MTV kid who has watched more TV and movies than she has ever read books, so the thought of having to mix with literary types and talk about books….ahhh No Thanks!
When Caren ticked all of the right boxes I signed up for her course. I asked her some questions about it and she summed it excellently by saying “you write every day and have a lot to say for yourself so of course you would be able to partake… course is about writing visually”.
The power of this course is in its structure, convenience, price and delivery (its on-line). There is a kinetic energy to visual writing and for the first time in my life – her lesson plans actually do what they preach (and trust me…I have done a LOT of courses!) Her course is punchy, it’s connected the words to images, it enabled me to the finish my first assignment and do really well.
Some tips:
1.       Love to learn and do a course like Carens.
      2.       If you want a great story then use this formula
               (Character + want) / obstacles = story
3.       Don’t try to impress or show off – write what you know, with words you know.

4.       Edit till it hurts, then delete, edit, re-read, print off, read, ask someone else to read, edit and then publish.
       5.       Dream big and walk tall!
You that phrase; “those who can’t teach” well in relation  to Caren its’ “those who can have a duty to teach.” Maybe someday when I write some sort of a TV treatment or book or you might even pop along to my book signing. I don’t know much but I know one thing for sure…..if I keep learning from Caren then you better watch this space for my future successes. Dreamer – tick!

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By Michelle Moloney King

Artist. Poetish.

14 replies on “Carren Kennedy Teaches.”

Hi Caren,

I don't do “mawkish” I just tell it like it is, and you and your course are just plain awesome.

You gave me the tools to make a desperate attempt to grab my stars.

Beir bua


Thank you all for your kind and generous comments. And yes, I'm extremely pleased Michelle is getting so much out of the course. I never realised teaching could be so, well, satisfying. I think I'm getting as much, if not more, out of it than Michelle.



Hi Jamie,

I have seen a good few people on twitter that are Google certified teachers, sounds so cool! I haven't done any workshops in Google (YET!) so please let me know how you get on.

I think everyone should do something creative, I love that this course has given me deadlines!



Love that you are always trying to better yourself! Wish I was a better writer! I just presented at an ELL conference on interactive writing, yet my own skills, as far as creativity and editing, could use a kick in the booty!

I really want to become a google certified teacher. I know that has nothing to do with writing but that is my current career goal! Have you ever taken any google workshops or trainings?


Hi Anonymous,
The course not only seems to be great but it really is, I love it!

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your beautifully articulated comment, you are the coolest brother I could have asked for and I am looking forward to when you start to blog.

Beir Bua


Hi Michelle,
Congratulations, you are living the courage of convictions I never knew you had ! Most people stamp out their inner voice for fear of ridicule but you are stamping yours upon an ephemeral medium and being heard.
Your self leadership is a beacon to follow.
Onwards !


Hi Louise,

Thanks for your comment, I agree with you regarding Twitter, you can suss someone out there pretty quickly and my faves are the writers I follow.

I am just a mere teacher so for me to get to sit in on you guys talking about your writing is pretty darn cool!

Hi Fin,
Thank you so much, are you on Twitter or do you blog? I'm MoloneyKing on Twitter so make sure you follow me and let me know if you do blog.



I read about you doing this course on the teacher forum and wanted to see how you were getting on!

It is great to see a new teacher who has so much passion for learning and sharing, I am sure you will go far in both the teaching and writing world.

Dream Big and Walk Tall.


Fab post, and plan to do Caren's course soon myself. And yes, we may only communicate over twitter, but you can tell a lot about folks by what they say, and sure you all know who are my favs!


Hi Derek,

Thanks for the comment, I am delighted I am doing the course.

Hi Krystal,
Thanks for the comment, yeap TV treatment is writing the ideas for a TV show. You shoudl do more diggin on Caren, she is one cool lady!

PS – Dreamers rock!


Great post. And, to make sure I interpreted correctly, is a tv treatment the same thing as a tv show?

Now I'm going to have to do more digging into Caren Kennedy. 😉 So many great people on Twitter, so little time to snoop on everyone.

BTW – LOVE that you are a dreamer. Aren't we all?


All great advice, Michelle. It's so great that you're getting so much out of it. And I'm sure Caren is delighted to have someone so talented (not to mention, helpful to other writers) on her course. Onwards!


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