3 D Camp – Part 2

Great talks and demos 3 D camp in my old Alma mater – University of Limerick. My sincere thanks go out to the organisers and .

 One of the lunch time workshops was “Farmboz” with Niall Dempsey. Nial is a farmer and a qualified software programmer. His web site will tell you about the robot that replaces the sheep dog and even give you IT advice. P.S. FarmBot renamed to FarmBoz (FaceBooks Farmville already uses the FarmBot name)

I managed to grab 5 minuets to do the “I can solder class” during lunch. I have a fab video which I will share with ye as soon as I get a USB bluetooth adaptor. My badge turned out fab, I think this is something I would use in class, I am pretty sick of using the light circuit, so this is an exciting way of covering electricity and circuits in a different manner. This worksop was given by Robert Fitzsimons from the Dublin hackerspace – TOG

Next was Gavin Duffy talking about a geo-referenced 3D reconstruction of an ancient environment on a smartphone from Realsim He built an app with built in GPS for the site of Clonmacnoise, watch the youtube for loads more info.His presentation was awesome, the wonders of technology, anyway deffo watch the vid – it explains it better than I can! All I know is that I want an i phone…like yesterday!

Teaching practice in a virtual classroom….well we are not there yet but the technology is getting there.

@ at did a presentation on 4-walls immersive stereo films & digital cultural artefact’s in immersive 3D world – http://www.vlab.ie/ they created a V Lab of 3 walls, white floor you don a pair of glasses and Ta- Daaa you are fully immersed in a virtual world. We watched this video and I was just blown away…imagining if I had a day of a virtual classroom before I stepped into one as a teacher how much it would have benefited me, or even how much it would benefit any teacher of any standard. Then I started to think about the “holodeck” wow…we are all in for some treat! Anyway here is the vid –

“Did you play with Lego as a child?” asks Stephen Howell “well Scratch is like computer programming Lego!” His workshop was How to use your Kinect with Scratch I really want to try to set this up, if anyone reading this has done so please do let us know! Stephen is awesome, Scratch is awesome and the 3 D Conference was awesome and you weren’t there….just as well you have me!

I will be posting 3 D camp part 3 later….stay tuned!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why didnt I hear about this camp…

    If I had known I woudl have gone. Thanks for the posts, great read. Really like this blog.



  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks, they had the keynote speakers streaming live on the day, keep an eye out on Twitter for the live video stream next year.

    Hi James,
    I loved the day, glad you like the posts!



  3. Great write-up Michele, thanks very much! It was Robert Fitzsimons from the Dublin hackerspace – TOG – who ran the soldering workshop. Glad you had a great time 🙂


  4. rguanlao46 says:

    Wish I could attend these camps here on NY/NJ. Like the videos.


  5. Michelle says:

    Hi Marie,

    No probs, I loved the day!!

    PS loving your site http://socialease.wordpress.com/ loads of tips I will be using!

    Thanks again


  6. Marie says:

    Michelle – you are a star – what a great round up of 3D Bar Camp last Saturday. Unfortunately I missed the morning sessions and arrived late in the afternoon, so you are making me really wish I could have been there! Lots of great links to follow up here – thanks so much for putting it all together.


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