3 D Camp – Part 1

I found out about this conf thanks to Twitter. Twitter has been a fountain of knowledge for me wince I first started my blog and @MoloneyKing twitter account 8 weeks tomorrow. The camp was in UL in my old CSIS building. The last time I went through those doors was for a C++ lecture, here I was back years later, an ex-fund accountant turned primary school teacher tech head!

I’m the blond sitting in 2nd
 last row, putting on
3 D glasses.
picture from Diana Chihaia   

I met up with a twitter friend @pamelaaobrien, of @ICTedu fame, then Stephen (@saorog) came over to say hi, we know each other through twitter but also met at Thurles – @ICTedu

The keynote speaker was John Paul Giancarlo from Brown  Bag films (Oscar-nominated animation studio based in Dublin).  He explained the technicalities behind 3-D and gave us 3 D glasses so we could watch his 3 D childrens’ cartoon.

He explained that children have a small distance between their eyes so everything they see is much bigger, hence the 3 D effects were smaller. This resulted in all of us being able to watch the cartoon with and without the 3 D glasses. More info on Brown Bag Films here.
This is a short clip ( I have a great clip but my old phone and new laptop won’t blue tooth each other….so until I resolve this I am left with this little clip!

Do you know about QR code? Here is the Wiki Wiki link to explain more. Here is my CV in QR form, cool right?! Anyway, next we met Luigina Ciolfi. Her and a team set up an interactive installation in Bunratty Folk Park using QR codes, all you needed was a QR scanner app on your phone and the park came to life for you, more info here. The park was set up with QR code displayed on a specific trail, you could go to a web site and pick a role of a person living in that time and then use the QR code to bring up a recording of a person sharing their thoughts, you could even record your own thoughts and save them so that other visitor’s could listen to you.
She said ” visitors had no problem grasping the functionality of the  new technology and all were able to understand the connection between the content and the sites on the trail. It gave visitors a physically anchoring to the houses.

Just a note to say thank you to @loughconn who pointed out that my previous version of my public QR cv had too much personal information and to change it, how naive of me, a teacher…who has done lessons in on-line safety!!! Just goes to show you always need to be careful or just use Twitter and the fabulous people there will help! So thanks.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Carey,

    That is exactly what I was wondering, maybe some one reading this with the answer could get back to us here!

    It was honestly one of the more interesting talks EVER, Brown Bag Films rock!

    Thanks again


  2. Michelle says:

    Hi rguanlao46,

    I agree, Twitter is great for making great contacts and finding interesting people. Before Twitter I just watch reality TV and read silly mags…now everyday I am learning via Twitter and not even realising I am learning!



  3. Carey says:

    “… children have a small distance between their eyes so everything they see is much bigger”

    How fascinating. I wonder if this is why childhood homes look smaller when revisited as an adult.


  4. rguanlao46 says:

    Twitter is really a good way to find new friends who share the same ideas. I have so much respect for teachers since my mother-in-law is a teacher and is one of the nicest people I know.


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