Reki and your Laptop!

How many of ye reading this have had trouble with your laptop? Well I have had a lot, mainly due to me. Today I needed to finish judging the 2011 Social Media awards but I was unable to stick to my timetable as my laptop became grievously ill. The keyboard would not work for me the I could not log on, I opened the “Ease of access” on the log on screen to gain access to the on screen keyboard – wouldn’t work, only button that would work was the backspace.
So more rebooting, five attempts later and the on screen keyboard was working and I managed to log on. I plugged in my 1TB hard drive and selected my C drive – but several other folders would become selected, so I would click on them to unselect them…this resulted in my screen lighting up so now every folder was selected. My laptop before I had to take off all the keys! It was as if I had the ctrl key pressed. “oh no” I said to my hands which were now cupping my face, I have been here before. Last time I had to take off all of the buttons, clean it and then put them all back (there were causalities my right arrow and the key beside AltGr…forget what it was)
Logitech Keyboard K120
I took off the ctrl key and cleaned for dust, didn’t help, so I rebooted. I logged on again using the screen keyboard only and as my keyboard was not working did a drag and drop of my C drive to the external hard drive, phew at last all of my work was save. I left the two hard drives communicate alone for two hours while I looked at the “Tipp Tattler”. After two hours I became bored so went back to the laptop and I did some Reki on it, after 10 minutes I simply pressed both of the ctrl keys and hey presto keyboard working properly!!!
Now I don’t know if it was the Reki or me pressing the ctlr keys or the combo of the two that got my laptop back to life but I do know this…..if your laptop is not working, try, try and try again – reboot, ask tech heads for help say a little prayer ask a Reki Master for help and just don’t give up!!
It is still not back to 100% as it just randomly adds 6’s to my text (which is worrying as yesterday was #rapture) so I wrote it the below apology in keep with my holistic side.
“D6ear Laptop6,
H6i th6ere my name is mich6elle and I love to play with6 my computer I6 love my computer cause it is plain awesome, I6 am sor6ry th6at i h6ave treated my computer wrong5ly in th6e past and wh6ile i recog5nise th6at it is too late to make it better i will delete a larg5e portion of data to free it up, I6 will never eat biscuits or toast or h6ave a larg5e pint of water near it as I understand now that crumbs mess6 up your w6iring and that sp6illing a p6int of wat6er ov6er you is ba6d “

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I follow you on Twitter too!! I might start my own blog after seeing yours, you have given me the spurt to start!

    Tweeet ya later!


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